At last Tariffs On E.U., Canada, and Mexico


“We might poke the bear, the president might get upset with us, we might not be in the majority again”.

Maga baby


Offset and then some by spikes in the prices of goods due to the TIC’s destructive policies. As I posted several links for you in another thread, from Fox News so you can’t claim fake news.


I looked and didn’t see your name anywhere on the list ?
Nor did I see fat ass anywhere on the list ?


No, thankfully he doesn’t know me. But, he’s the king of name calling, and you have no criticism of him for that ever. So I know that name calling doesn’t bother you.


A lot of name calling was in response to being called a name .
All the fake stuff is about fake stuff .


Most new construction today uses metal studs with holes punched .


You are kidding aren’t you ?
Putting American’s to work and climbing wages after sixty years of being screwed is some how harming American business ?


Justifying Trumps name calling and cyber bullying. No surprise.


Not a fat ass in the bunch .


Read all the links from Fox Business News that I posted for you. Trumps policies are slaughtering the economy. Your support of that is proof that your just another patronizing trumper.


Which economy are you referring to???


That’s your response to the news article I posted?? Trumps policies are slaughtering the construction industry according to Fox Business News, and you want to joke around. :roll_eyes:


Is that why the economy is literally booming right now?


Supply and demand economy improves people buy more demand goes up prices go up !


Do you read what you post ?
The story is about an economy booming and everyone that wants a job having one!
Wake up . It’s posted arp 3 and no year that I can find the data is from 2016 ?
According to The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) regional analyst Erik White, companies and organizations are having a harder time finding people to fill up open job spots.

White said he thinks the reason that these signs keep popping up is because of the unemployment rate being historically low.imageEven though the low unemployment rate is making it harder to find employees, people who earlier has been struggling to find work because of different difficulties have a easier time finding a job.

“We are seeing greater amount of people getting jobs especially from those with different barriers or different backgrounds,” White said. “That’s positive, but you are also getting to a point where business isn’t able to expand. There isn’t workforce to expand so they are having a difficult time and it is also creating a different competition.”


That mini-me country can continue to piss Trump off until we cut them right out of TRADE .Soon they will beg to be our trading partner ! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Maybe where you live.

They cannot build housing fast enough here.

There 544 houses for sale in this country, we have 4400 registered real estate agents.

Houses stay on the market less than a week with many selling the day of listing.




Read the fucking story !!!
The economy is booming wages are going up and help is getting had to find .
That is all good for working Americans and legal immigrants !
President Trump is putting America to work again !