At The End Of The Day, Rights 'Given' By Government Are But Dust When There Is No One To Pay For Them


Governance creates atmosphere for those with ambition… It does not now nor has it ever created wealth or prosperity…
Natural rights can never be given, only taken away… everything else is just the use of coercion to take from the productive and will work only as long as their is a productive class to take from…


Pretty sad story and commentary on socialism when the money runs out.

It was great when they were flush with oil cash and the envy ran high as government seized businesses. That was then and now there is noting left to seize.


What are you talking about, these women are now empowered and liberated from their sexual shackles, while earning some beer money. In this state of commiefornia, girls give out sex for free with a couple swipe.


These are the only people south of the border we should be allowing in. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses all capable of contributing to society and who would be vocal advocates against socialism.


We all ready have a serious abundance of lawyers… unless they speak Spanish and work in the deportation courts to send people back where they came from…


I could live with that…although I think people desperate to escape the clutches of socialism in Venezuela would be willing to assimilate and learn English.


Because blue collar workers are what, in your eyes?


I have absolutely nothing against blue collar workers, since I am one. There are plenty of Americans out of work who could use good paying blue collar jobs. Don’t you agree?


Yes I do. Probably the same for white collar workers. I only wish that instead of remaining a hypocrite about this whole affair, that Trump would set the example by bringing his own jobs back to America.


Show him the plant that actually makes what he sells and he just might. As far as the hotel trade… well, they are kind of stuck where they are… you wouldn’t berate Hilton international for having hotels around the world now would you? Now all he needs to do is build a tax structure that actually lets them bring their foreign earning home without being raped by the IRS.


Btw, this isn’t rocket science, in fact, Americans use to surpass the world in manufacturing, it could happen again. But with the TIC keeping his goods manufactured abroad while yelling at everybody else to “hire American and buy American”, it’s not likely to change.


That’s easy enough for you to say… so drop your billing business and open up say… a shoe plant to make Ivanka’s shoes… Now, she may do a fairly good business in those shoes… maybe… 10000 pairs a year. Unless you can get Ivanka to make her shoes in you new plant and perhaps even 10 or 15 more customer that are equivalent or better… I think you won’t build that plant.

Secondly it would seem that regulatory head winds seem to kill a lot of projects after years and expense of trying to get them approved… so where does Ivanka… who knows nothing about making a shoe and everything about designing a shoe, go to have it made?

Then of course is the wage disparity created in part by China and a lot caused by the FED and government meddling in the markets… The US government and unions and stupid pension plans created the business environment that we now have… Hamburger flippers for $15 per hour :roll_eyes:

So… are you willing to give up your day job, contact Ivanka and offer to build a plant just for her shoes?


That is because all of these ‘rights’ are positive rights, that require someone else to provide them for you, as opposed to negative rights (right to life/liberty) that are got by just being left alone.