Attorney General Jeff Sessions is out


And Matthew G. Whitaker is now the new Acting Attorney General.

First thing first. Since the democrats had taken over congress all investigating into corruption with CoJ (Corruption of Justice) will end.

So if it was me I would appoint a special counsel/prosecutor to continue the investigation into FISA and FBI abuse of power.

We can’t allow Rod “The Weasel” Rosenstein to bury this to protect heis involvement.


And since House progs seem to believe that “Americans have a right to know…”
Trump needs an AG that will investigate Maxine’s tax forms to see if there are contributions from Hondurus, El Salvador, Mexico… or other countries who are adversarially sending an army of vagrants our way. And Americans have a right to know about Wasserman Schultz’s conflicts of interest, … etc. Trump needs a someone who is willing to help Americans find out about their representatives.


Whittaker can by law only serve for some 210 day… He needs to the ground running… He as a lot of wheels to set in motion before Trump must find a new AG…


I’m not so sure I want CoJ to be used as a political weapon unless there is strong evidence of a crime committed. They shouldn’t be in the business to go look for crimes again political opponents for the sack of finding dirt/crimes.


Oh this congress with Pelosi , Schiff, Waters is going to be nothing but the continuation of a witch hunt, no money will get spent, no more tax cuts, no wall. Exact opposite of what we duly elected our President to do.

If they did NOTHING for two years when they had the majority of everything, you can bet your life-savings (what’s left of it) that they will do even less. OBSTRUCTION, RESISTANCE, SUBVERSION and SEDITION.

I see no moderates over there with the well being of American Citizens at heart. First the Illegal Immigrants, second the FRACTURED gay community (multiple genders, men in the girl’s room, grade school indoctrination and desensitization.) Then they will focus on getting the black, hispanic and white communities back on unemployment and welfare.

There is zero fiscal responsibility, or love for this country on that side of the aisle.


So he has 7 months unless senate agrees to keep him. But you’re right, he has a plate full. One helluva mess to clean up.

Either way we can’t allow them to successfully stalled and stretch this out in hope that democrats take the house.

They shouldn’t be rewarded for their behavior.


They already took the House Scott…what do you mean?


They will weaponize their new powers/position to go after Trump…and to some extent his supporter and even donors to Trump campaign. They will also make it extremely hard for anyone to accept new positions out of fear of harassment by powerful oversight community they now run.


This is true but I believe that the road to that transparency will harm a good many old guard republicans… I believe that Session was the sacrificial lamb to prevent the transparency. Whitaker will need a similar constitution to Kavanaugh and be willing to go where few career bureaucrats dare to go…and Trump will have to run a lot of interference … much more than he did in the Kavanaugh confirmation.


The precedent is set. By taking “the high road”, we won’t stop the next progressive administration from doing what they did during Obama’s administration. I say use the power once to show the will to employ it. Then use the threat of it to keep the House progs from doing what they clearly plan on doing. They want to tie up Trump’s presidency with a tsunami of personal investigations into his life.

I know. My suggestion is despicable. Yes. But they drew first blood.


Congress does not have final approval over what the Attorney General pursues… Obstruction of criminal wrongdoing goes both ways…


Again even thou I love the thought of giving libs a taste of their own medicine…do I want my goverment to take side? Be political operatives?

I’m firm believe that goverment itself must as all times remain neutral…no exceptions.

Because once they take sides…what stops it?


I don’t think that you can say that he needs to go on a witch hunt to find probable cause… FISA is a good start… unmasking and leaking of peoples names is another… Of course we all know that the Clinton case and have the investigators should still be open… As @Call_me_Ishmael says Obama has already crossed the ‘for politician reason’ bench mark… Its time to get tough or get run over… as I said above, a lot of long term political figures and their string pullers could come under fire… as they should.


When the side that started it capitulates and admits defeat.

Sides have already been taken. We have fucking independent council investigating the president for nonexistent collusion with Russians based on the actions of official DoJ and FBI employees during Obama. You are right… once it starts, what stops it? Obama started it already.


“Capitulation? What’s that?” said every Liberal everywhere (in a chant)


Oh I believe their is plenty of probable cause with FISA abuse…that and surveillance system being used against political opponents. Not to mention how CoJ/FBI provide cover or clear/prosecute crimes based the political persuasion.

I guess my question is, are their enough people within the bureaucracy to take up that fight?


Yes I understand. But the final question is what kind of goverment do we want?

Personally I want a goverment I can drown in bathtub…but that’s just me. :wink:


Thats the question… everyone who needs to do the oversight and leg work are all career bureaucrats… Some are willing to come forward I guess but I think they want protection and I don’t know that Trump can give it to them.


This, I am afraid, is precisely the attitude on a multitude of subjects that have put the right in the bind it is in. We are quick to poopoo the left for breaching some rule even as they continue to rewrite history. We would never stoop so low… and here we are.


I hear you…and yes it’s one that I’m conflicted with.

Part of me wants to use goverment to give em a taste of their own medicine.

And who know it may be just what they need so they themselves can realize the dangers of overpowering government, and join us in that fight.

The problem is they aren’t any true classical liberals anymore…or they’re so few of em that their voices aren’t heard/ignored.