Attorney General Jeff Sessions is out


It’s about time. Trump requested that he submit a resignation letter, so I’m guessing that Trump has someone lined up to replace him.


According to Dailybeast which I wouldn’t trust. said The Weasel is heading for the Whte house.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is reportedly on his way to the White House after Jeff Sessions was asked to resign Wednesday. Rosenstein currently oversees special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into potential Russian collusion and interference in the 2016 presidential election. President Trump tweeted Wednesday that Sessions’ chief of staff Matthew Whitaker, a prominent Mueller critic, would be named acting attorney general.

The fact that he still has a job considering how conflicted/involvement tell us just about everything we need to know.


Trump sure does have a way of turning things around. All ears on the White House about Sessions/Rosenstein less than 24 hours after the Dems regain the House.

I think he will marginalize what the House does for the next two years and then hit them like a battery ram in 2020 with their own presence.


He’s good at deflecting democrats away from their own game plan.

As for 2020…if Trump play his cards right he will bring new republicans with his election…ones that will fight with him.

IMO that fact that Paul Ryan wasn’t out leading the charge is a big part why they lost the house. Because in the past that was big part of being house speaker. But give him credit, he did drum up lots of money for repugs to challenge democrats behind the scene.

There was old saying but can’t remember who said it.

Only thing worst then being talked about is not being talked about.

And Trump is the master. :wink:


Hateful lying dems are frantic that there will be oversight on their mole and on their mole’s “independent council”. It is so telling! Very very revealing of what’s going on.


I think AG Sessions did some good work on the things he had he gumption to go after. He just neglected to go after some significantly criminal activities by the Clinton cronies…things that were exposed as a result of the Mueller ‘Russia collusion with Trump campaign’ hoax…such as the LYING by his own DOJ officials concerning the fake dossier, its financing and its use in obtaining multiple FISA warrants.

His recusal from the investigation of Trump did not preclude his going after Clinton cronies. He should have done so.

I am happy to see him go back to being a non-government employee.


Yep, if democrats demand to see his tax returns he should use the same law, which also says the executive branch and can look at anyone’s tax forms, to demand each and every democrat in congress’ tax forms.


He is not obligated to release his tax returns. No President is. Many have done so for whatever reason they had, but none were required to do so.

There are at least three things that I consider none of anyone else’s business:

  1. My tax returns
  1. My Social Security Number

  2. How I vote (though often I am proud to reveal that)


No he isn’t required to release them, the IRS however is required to do so if they are requested by the House or by the executive branch. Federal law.


That’s scary…and it’s why I said at other place they’re going to weaponize there new positions since they don’t have powerful goverment agencies to do their dirty work for em.

And of course the info will be leaked to NYSlime and Compost.


With control of the Senate, Repubs can investigate the Illusion of Collusion, Fisa warrants etc.If RBG exits the SCOTUS in a bodybag, Trump will have a nominee approved with ease in the Senate.
Talk about transparency, who couldn’t see through the Clintons and Obama .Their corruption was as clear as glass.The Dem Socialists ( Communists) will have to be careful and have no room to gloat about the election. President Trump is dumb like a fox.


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Add Pelosi into the investigation as well as Spartacus. Guaranteed they have some dirty laundry they’d prefer to hide.


And that kind of decorum and respect has gotten Republicans exactly where?

The tactics of the Dems were on full display at the Kavanaugh hearings. They play dirty knowing that Republicans don’t want to get in the dirt like they are willing to do. They count on it and use it as a weapon. It is time to play their game against them.


Did someone register as a different Conan here or what? Conan saying we shouldn’t use their tactics against them because it’s dirty? Did I fall into an alternate reality?


Sad, but very true. They will bully their way into power come hell or high water.


Hmm, not at all. It is time for the hammer to introduce itself to the nail.


That has already happened. We can look at what we would all like or figure out a way to deal with what is.


What we want and what we have are two different things. What we have is what needs to be dealt with in order to have the government we want.


Yes, here we are. Lindsey Graham is a perfect example of realizing taking the high road is a weakness to be exploited.