Attorney General Jeff Sessions is out


Absolutely. Glass houses and all.


And, this is why taking the high road won’t work.

The liberals have become radicals. There is nothing they understand but their agenda and mowing down anyone who gets in their way.


In my view, civil war is inevitable, the only question is, does it happen before or after we are sure to lose.


The IRS will likely face a immediate lawsuit should they comply.

The House could review the documents, The house can have experts or staff look at them.

The house can turn them over to the full senate for a review and vote.

Imagine all the potential sources of leaking personal information to the press and world.

This case would likely go to the SCOTUS.


I honestly thought the idea of civil war was the most ridiculous thing I’d heard of. Now, I am not so sure.

Everyone loses in a civil war. E.v.e.r.y. o.n.e.


LOL no it’s same Conan. Oh believe me I want Trump to give libs a taste of their own medicine. I want them to know/feel goverment breathing down their backs for a change.

But is that the right course of action? Is that what I want our goverment to do?

If Trump does uses their same tactic on them…I’m just going to say how does it feel libs? :wink:


Think about the last civil war and go to the generic cause.

Part of the country was making demands on another part of the country.
Generally speaking, political and cultural differences.

Are the cities demanding the rest of the country be exactly as they are?

Do we have cultural differences between the left and the right???

Do we have political differences that are extreme?

In the past the US has always had a peaceful transfer of power from one party to another, did you see that in 2016?

Is the left demanding the end to the electoral college to change the purpose of the electoral college, prevent the tyranny of the majority in the cities?

Do you really think a civil war is far fetched?


It has come to the point of needing to be pragmatic.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

I am not worried about getting some dirt on my knees if it means the Constitution and the Bill of Rights remain intact.


Not hard to imagine, two words is all it would take, gun confiscation.


There is a deep divide in this country.

Republicans have tried compromise and it is falling on deaf ears.

The extreme left is not going to give in. They have poked and taunted the Sleeping Giant.

I hope and pray to God civil war is far fetched. I am just not so sure anymore that I am not deluding myself.


ACA about put us over the edge. So is illegal immigration/open borders.

Gun confiscation? I am not so worried about that.


You should be, they are talking openly about packing the court if they ever regain power.


I would hope not however how much pushing and taking will half of the country take?

Exit polls showed three-quarters of voters said Americans are becoming more divided.

Do you think the right will sit still if the dems attempt to impeach Kavanaugh?

Do you think the right will sit still if the dems attempt to impeach Trump?

So much for the peaceful transfer of power.


Okay, explain this to me. This is a second amendment right. Would this not have to go before the Supreme Court and be shot down? (pun intended but only after I realized it was one)


I don’t. I think Republicans have had enough and are ready, willing and able to dig in.


Read the dissent in Heller, where four liberal justices opined there is no constitutional right to personal self defense.


Thanks LouMan… :wink:


Okay that was a close call in 2008. How difficult would it be to overturn an Amendment as well as a Supreme Court ruling even if by a narrow margin?

In a 5–4 ruling issued on June 26, the Supreme Court affirmed the appellate court’s ruling. In so doing, it endorsed the so-called “individual-right” theory of the Second Amendment’s meaning and rejected a rival interpretation, the “collective-right” theory,


This story was posted somewhere on this site the other day. It has to do with proactive gun confiscation based on a person be accused by others of being dangerous to themselves or to society.

All it takes is an accusation…and a court order. It’s called a ‘red flag’ law and is praised by law enforcement.


Good grief. That is a sticky wicket.

I am not sure what to think about that because court ordered depends upon what parameters exactly?

And quite frankly, that is why I am so happy to be on this board. I can admit to ignorance and ask for education. Engage in discussion. Throw out a “what if” .

I completely admit to ignorance on this topic .