Attorney General Jeff Sessions is out


Conservatives and Libertarians along with folks like me who lean both ways depending on the issue have been losing the fight for decades because we have refused to take off the blinders and the gloves and fight them on their own terms.

The first and biggest step has already been taken with the reshaping of the courts and particularly the SCOTUS. It’s through the courts the left has been able to push through most of their agenda because the voters would not support it, nor would our elected representatives.

Just as it took decades though of them working cases through the courts slowly eating away at the republic, it will probably take decades going through the courts to take back what we can.

In the mean time we’re going to have to fight them on their own terms in the trenches with every weapon we have. They made us the enemy, not us them and as I always say, don’t pick a fight you can’t win.


Being ignorant of things is not bad. I am ignorant of more things than I am not.

Ignorance is when one has not been made aware of something.

Stupidity is when one has been made aware of something, but still just does not get it!



Red flag laws are currently state, local laws and not Federal law.

The rules for confiscation are specific to the state location where the law is enacted.

California has their own specific laws:


It’s like many of the other infringements on our rights that have been done in the name of the public good over the years. “So what if the gun owner is inconvenienced for a little while as his case works through the courts as long as no one is killed, or wounded”. Sounds great right?

Except for the fact that it’s an absolute violation of both our gun and property rights along with due process rights.

If there is not even enough grounds for “reaonable suspicion” much less “probable cause” there is no justification period.

If the courts and police cannot at least justify a 72hr hold they have no business at all disarming us.

Worst of all, this really targets the poor and minorities who are less likely to be able to afford to fight the state for any length of time much less afford a decent lawyer.

The potential for abuse and long term harm are just staggering here.


No link that I could find identified who it was that caused the court order. It could have been a family member or a disgruntled neighbor. I suspect in this case that it may have been a family member, but have no clue.


I understand what we gotta do. I don’t like it because that shouldn’t be the role of goverment…I just couldn’t say that on other forum.

Here I feel little more comfortable letting my guard down. :wink:


In case you haven’t noticed over the last decade or so I tend not to worry too much about it. I’ll say what I think and feel anywhere and if people don’t like it they can kiss my ass.


I have no issue with admitting ignorance. It is how people (I) learn.

Cheers back at ya!


We need honorable and ethical people. And I detected a hint of respect for classic liberals too from him… which is good too. Progs are not really liberal anyhow. Maybe without the ugly and pernicious hounds of the Baskervilles at our throats here, @Conan is free to be his decent self.


Donald? You here too?

You know I like that trait.


And just how many honorable and ethical people are willing to subject themselves to what BK did?


I really wish to see more about this. I’d love to see links showing that Jeff Sessions is out please? Do you have any?


That point was certainly driven home. Anyone is vulnerable to their attacks. It was right out of a McCarthyism nightmare movie. “DO YOU NOW OR HAVE YOU EVER DRANK BEER IN EXCESS”


There’s one shortly down from the top of the thread…where you should have started reading. I think it’s about post 20.



Was that before or after Trump speaking at the White House?

The Daily Beast, is that a Liberal or Conservative based source?
I’m just curious you know? lol. Cause now adays all of those Liberal Democratic based
websites are extremely reliable. lmao!!! lol.
And the people that post them on a regular basis are even more reliable. lol.


Take your pick…of links. The resignation came before the news conference. Trump chose not to reveal it there.


oh wait! lol. Conan said this; “According to Dailybeast which I wouldn’t trust. said The Weasel is heading for the Whte house.”

and then he posted a link from the Dailybeast. Now does that make any sense to anyone else here? Why would someone say that they don’t trust a source, and yet post something from that source? It doesn’t make any logical sense to me!? lmao.

you know, thank you for pointing that out. I would not have scrolled up, and looked this post up, unless you would have said something!!! lol. :rofl:


You should always start reading at the TOP of a thread. That way you have less chance of saying something that’s already been said.


You could also take a moment and use your search engine.

Looks something like this.


Get ready for Rosenstein to go…followed by his holiness, Robert Mueller. Trump wants the Dems focused on an impeachment that will go nowhere so he can use it against the “do nothing Dems” in 2020.