Attorney General Jeff Sessions is out


Maybe. And I think the AG will say “Pencils down. Time’s up” to Mueller on his own and there will be nothing tying Trump to that decision. Dems can see the handwriting on the wall and they are frantic. The accusation and innuendo was supposed to go on and on and on… like a zombie Energizer bunny.


Google is actually a really good search to use if a person wants for Google to actually be able to get everything from their phones, and spy on people in general.

That’s great that you enjoy telling people to use such a site, especially since you’re a Democrat, and Google is owned by Democrats. lol.


That’s why Schumer and the Democrat Party want this acting AG to recuse himself from oversight of Mueller.


Turns out Whittaker flew to New York from Idaho to go on CNN as a regular DEFENDING Dirty Donald in hopes Dirty Donald would hear about him and hire him for the Justice Department.It worked he was hired as Sessions deputy and now HE IS IN CHARGE, his claim to fame describing to the CNN audience how to end the Mueller investigation.So obviously we now know Dirty Donald watches CNN OFTEN!!


Did you even read my post, or are you simply just ignorant? lol.


At the time I wrote the OP it breaking in ALL top news sources and outlets, every single one of them.

What I wanted is to get my little commentary out.

Which is.

First thing first. Since the democrats had taken over congress all investigating into corruption with CoJ (Corruption of Justice) will end.

So if it was me I would appoint a special counsel/prosecutor to continue the investigation into FISA and FBI abuse of power.

We can’t allow Rod “The Weasel” Rosenstein to bury this to protect heis involvement.

I didn’t want the democrats in congress to bury the corruption that lays within our goverment bureaucracy…specially our top law/intelligent agencies.


Oh yeah. They clearly want Rod Rosenswamp making the decisions.




the truth shall set you free!!!


Idaho, Iowa, what’s the difference.

I should be used to this crap by now. :smile:


Houston, we have a problem. Don’t know if this has been widely reported, but if not… it will be.

The acting AG was on the advisory board of a company in Florida which was ordered to pay $26 M after an investigation in which federal authorities said they were scamming investors.

Then there is this

How on earth did this guy end up as acting AG? That’s not draining the swamp.

Let’s hope the nominee to permanently hold the position is better than this.

As for Sessions, I wonder if he will run for his seat again in Alabama. It’s up in 2020, and I see no reason he couldn’t win it again, as long as Trump leaves him alone.


I sent you something simple as it seems it’s all you understand as you cannot seem to look anything up on your own.


This floated across my Twitter timeline. Seems left wing protests are being planned for tomorrow.


OK, for shits and giggles I looked at their events. There is one tomorrow about 50 miles from me. The lady who is “hosting” it didn’t even have the guts to put her full name to it. Now there is some dedication right there. You’re so passionate about it but we don’t want anyone to know who you really are. :joy:

This is going to be a total bust. I await the hilarity tomorrow will bring.


Defend yourself at all times.

Fools rush in.


It’s ridiculous. Now the left is defending Jeff Sessions? And starting protests again, two days after they took the House back.

It’s going to be insane starting in January as the investigations will begin on day 1.


I don’t think the word ridiculous does the whole justice. I don’t even know if there is a word that would fit this insanity.

They win the House and they still have to bitch and whine. Shows they will never be happy with anything.

I will also bet their whole promise of “civility” if they won will be chucked out the window.


I don’t know what % of left wing people it actually is, but there clearly are some unhinged people out there.

I read some of the most ridiculous things on Twitter today. One of the worst was libs accusing people in GA and FL of being racist by not electing Abrams and Gillum. One of the people saying that writes for the Huff Post. Of course, no accusations of racism for Michigan residents who didn’t elect John James, because he’s a Republican.

Lots of accolades for women breaking barriers… such as the first Muslim woman winning a House seat, but no mention of the R woman who will be the first Korean American elected to Congress, or first women to win governor’s races in Iowa and SD, and first Latina to become Lt Gov in Florida. Plus going back several years, the media didn’t care that Susana Martinez became the first Latina to become governor, and Nikki Haley the first Indian American.

But to the left, these people don’t exist. They live in a little bubble, and you aren’t racist if you reject a black candidate in Michigan who is an R, but you are racist if you reject the black candidates in other states who are D.

But an even stupider complaint by some on the left was how unfair it was that Dems won the “Senate popular vote” but Rs gained seats. Not sure what the actual complaint is though… do they think CA or NY residents should be deciding who represents ND and IN in the Senate, instead of the people who actually live there?


Talk about unhinged. Get a load of these mental midgets. :joy:


Yeah, it’s madness. I started a thread about it. And I worry this garbage is going to continue.