Attorney General Jeff Sessions is out


You would think with their House win, Dems would shut up and start doing what they consider “their work” to make their agenda happen. Instead they continue to go out and protest stuff that makes no sense and make asses out of themselves.

They can’t even take a win and make it work peacefully. I just don’t get it. My brain must not work that way. I can’t find the time or strength to spend my entire day pissed off and in a constant state of anger. :neutral_face:


I agree. Looks like first protests will begin 48 hours after the polls have closed. I don’t get how anyone can be angry all the time either.

Anyway we will see tomorrow what kind of a turn out they get. Do none of them have jobs?


I ask that same question all the time. :grin:


It’s a reasonable thing to ask. Most people who have jobs also want to get home at the end of the day, be with their family or just unwind.


This will immediately trigger a lawsuit asking for intent. Of course the IRS must support a criminal investigation but just as the left has used Trumps campaign words to attempt to shut him down, the left have harped about seeing his taxes since long before he was president… I think it will go to the SCOTUS who will immediately return it to the lower court with a one line admonishment… “Read Your Copy Of The Damn Constitution.”


Yeap… You can find hypocrisy on both sides of the political divide, finding so many clear and open examples as can be done on the left is difficult indeed.


You can learn a lot from liberal sites. Sure they print a decidedly biased opinion as does Breitbart and their fluff comments around the facts support their position as does but their biggest error is the deliberate error of omission…Something that many right leaning outlets are guilty of… My almost certainly doesn’t change but at least 1) I understand a point of view seldom visited on the right and 2) facts that are glossed over that don’t fit my narrative and never confront me when I read conservative points of view.


It would likely take more digging to know what his position was on this advisory board. Advisory boards are not generally stirring committees like a board of directors. If he didn’t know that the business was operating a scam then as an attorney for hire this letter is likely no more than a first salvo desist threat. If he was using his credentials as a shield to an operation he knew about then he should be disbarred and maybe even sat in jail.


First of all, I would hope the president of the United States is fully informed about is being reported on every news outlet he/she can. Fact is the press find stories faster than government intel many times. As far as him doing it as a ploy to get the presidents attention… got proof? You got proof that he doesn’t believe exactly what he says?.. No?.. I didn’t think so.


It’s a choice we have to make if we’re going to fight them on their own terms. Needless to say those willing to step up will earn some hate but a whole lot of respect and have a whole lot of folks standing at their back.


Fox was carrying it so I wouldn’t think the story is likely to be false.


We’ve already seen that an AG that has to recuse himself from any major investigation is useless.

No thanks.

Schumer and crew can go to thell. Elections have consequences or so we were told througout the Obama years and they lost again.


Only if the truth itself is set free.


Yet when it’s time to do so an aggresive armed defense is always best.


Fortunately it’ll be a short two years. The 2020 campaign season will be in full bore by June so it’ll be an interesting two years for sure.


What a pathetic bunch of gutless cowards. Fortunately Tucker can afford ample and appropriate security and FNC shold pay for it anyhow.


Does anyone think Trey Gowdy could be on the shortlist?


there’s whole other thread on this.


There has been sort of a simmering conversation about this and I’m not really sure. He hasn’t outright written it off (likely because he wasn’t asked) but I think he is getting tired of Washington…


Yes, he said as much in his exiting week interviews. But it sounded more like “I need a vacation to regroup”. I mean the man busted his ass to expose the treachery of HRC and it was as the universe was just chuckling at him for all the good it did. I 'd walk away from that in a dignified way too. I can listen to that man question and argue law all day long. And at 56 I can do very few things all day long.