AU President: 'Sanctuary' label 'could be counterproductive'


While expressing support for DACA students Tuesday, American University President Sylvia Burwell refused to declare the campus a “sanctuary,” saying it “could be counterproductive.”

When President Trump announced on September 5 that he would end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program after a six-month delay, allowing Congress to legislate its fate, many college and university presidents released statements condemning the decision, Burwell included.

“The institution does not have the authority to exempt itself from federal immigration law.”

In memorandum to the AU community the same day, Burwell reiterated “AU’s support for undocumented students,” but while she wrote that AU “will continue to offer [DACA students] protection to the full extent allowed by law,” she declined to name AU a “sanctuary campus.”

She argued that “asserting such a status would have no basis in the law,” and point out that, “the institution does not have the authority to exempt itself from federal immigration law.” Burwell even speculated that “claiming such status could be counterproductive” and result in “greater risk for our students.”

While there is no universal definition of a “sanctuary” campus, schools that make such pledges generally enact provisions intended to support DACA students by refusing to cooperate with immigration officials unless legally compelled to do so, offering legal and/or financial support, and in some cases offering them in-state tuition or other forms of financial aid.

Although the AU memorandum pledged to refrain from voluntarily assisting immigration officials and offered financial aid and legal assistance, Burwell maintained that the school will continue to eschew the “sanctuary campus” label.


Of course she saying it’s counter-productive, AU gets a lot of funding from the federal government, not just through student loans but through government-sponsored programs that allow federal employees and sponsored contractors to attend AU at the government’s/taxpayer’s expense.

When I was a contractor for Lockheed, I went through several AU certificate programs that Lockheed paid for so I could support a government contract with DoD.

Always follow the money.


They should choose their words wisely and their actions carefully. The AU campus is directly across the street from DHS HQ.


So they were smart enough not to openly :poop: where they eat. From the sounds of it it sounds like that’s exactly what they’re doing. If that school has a single illegal alien being that close to DHS then there is no hope for immigration in this country. ICE agents should be rounding those dirt bags up in between coffee runs.


Who is offering FREE education to illegals and at who’s expense ? Time to cut off these campuses from federal monies of ANY type .


All of this carefully worded gobbledygook about “dreamers” and “undocumented” illegals. Give me a freaking break. Nobody needs to be careful about offending illegals. It’s not like they paid tuition at the school anyway. They are taking of seats that belong to American students. The Department of Education should come up with a way to take away all federal funding from schools that harbor these criminals.