Auckland University and White Guilt



Auckland University has made a great new video apologizing to the native population for being evil whites. Girls in 1700 clothing prance around to a Justin Beiber song saying “Sorry” while holding up replicas of important New Zealand founding documents. They even have white guys crawling on the ground in front of a strong independent dark skinned man.

This is just sickening, pathetic, and sad.


Wow. That was put out by the Auckland Law Review? That’s actually scary to think about. These are the future jurists of New Zealand. To me, this video is further proof of the globalist liberal agenda of trying to incite a race war by placing the sins of a relatively small group of people’s ancestors onto an entire population. Not every white person owned slaves or oppresses entire populations, in fact it was only the few wealthy elites powerful enough back then to do that. We have the same thing now with the liberal globalists. Any government that supports or partakes in this garbage is really just trying to further advance it’s state powers through cultural marxism and levy more taxes on those who produce and trade freely.