August 24-25th Asia Geopolitical Update


I wish people would post and discuss more geopolitical news and events here. I’ll start.

###August 24-25th Asia Geopolitical Update

  • S. Korea, China, Japan to hold trilateral foreign ministers’ meeting this week

  • Mongolians scramble for dollars after local currency’s plunge

  • Bomb blasts kill one, wound 30 in southern Thailand: police

  • Iran, Malaysia study expansion of parliamentary relations

  • Myanmar says UN chief to attend ethnic peace talks.

  • 200 Bangladeshis fall sick after ammonia leak

  • Sri Lanka: ‘Govt. borrowings for development at saturation point’; NDB to help out

  • Russia, India discuss Superjet-100 contract, production of Ilyushin-114


The only thing of interest to me is the Mongolian currency crisis. The entire population is essentially shifting to the dollar or to the yuan as their default currency because the government morons keep inflating their currency as they try to keep up with the dollar. This is also a story that will never be reported on the news here…although it should since Mongolia is so important to China economically and they would rather have the dollar, but will take the yuan in a pinch.