Australia Becomes First Country To Begin Microchipping Its Population. RFID Implants in the Human Body


We really are not looking to change how you live your life.

But it is just unnecessary to watch good people suffer and struggle when there is just no need for it today.

Everyone who wants an education should get one. Thru under grad college.

A Trade
The Military

Not everyone can or should join the Military but everyone should have access to at least one of those without the need to go into lifelong debt.

Communities can identify the problems no one is closer to it than they. but they need money to fix it. leaving it to local charity is not the answer that is why a National Organization with local chapters can make a huge impact.

we just want it to develop. not go backwards.


That is fine Steve… I love it… don’t take government money, organize resources at the national or even international level and become the new Easter Seals for community action. Get all your buddies together… pass around a plate, grab a hammer… bus in your friends… and build that playground !!! good on yah… just don’t force me to join your organization or fund it… I like other groups… like the Lions and Rotary… both of which are international by the way…

I want to belong to an organization that sees playgrounds that are red as beneficial… and I think that blue playgrounds are indeed going backwards… different perspectives and if you think that you are always right… well you know what they say about that kind of arrogance. Of course, if blue playgrounds are indeed good… more people from more organizations will start building them in blue… all without the force of an authoritarian government.


The problem with that is we may not need any more playgrounds we may need swimming pools.

I contribute to causes that are close to me, the DAV, (no personal reason just feel obligated) Alzheimers Association (for my Mom) , Boys and Girls Town and Boys and Girls Club of Boston. (because I’m adopted) and certain political causes…but my area may not need that despite they are all good causes. My area might need funding for computers to give to low income kids.

And people may not want to do that even though that is where the need is that will make the most impact.

That is why we will need an agency to make those decisions. And tax money to fund them. Now it could be local school boards that decide these things but there has to be accountability which is why we will need some existing or new agency to make sure what gets done is what we want to get done.

Contrary to that Rolling Stones song we don’t always do what we need…we do what we want.

that’s why we need gvt.


I would say that we do actually get what we need more times than not. I would also say that creating needs… like creating ‘rights’ ultimately creates dependency… I like independent people around me and I will help anyone I can who asked for that kind of help… a good many people will, if the government wouldn’t find ways to regulate that help away…


if we give a hand out yes that can create dependency.

but if we give tools for education that is an investment in our future that will repay itself several times over.


So we have a choice—retreat into old, closed-off economies or press forward, acknowledging the inequality that can come with globalization while committing ourselves to making the global economy work better for all people, not just those at the top.”
-Barack Obama


this pretty much sums up why we have no choice if we want to succeed.


And your and your crystal ball globalists know that ‘pressing forward’ is somehow better than the families and the close nit communities that you have spent your lives destroying? Do you ever stop and think that YOUR altruistic motives aren’t the motives of the bankers that funded the Bolshevik Revolution? Or Lenin wasn’t any less of a pawn than you? How it is that to bring the world together we have to continually fight wars, bringing others into… submission?.. all the while the people who, up to a couple of election cycles ago were the ideological enemy of the left are now your bank rollers. Do you believe that some people can be sold a bill of goods… of course you do, thats why you insist on regulations to protect them from greedy predators… what if it is the people who make the laws that are in fact the greedy predators… what if you wave a banner for them? What if universal suffering is the end result of your efforts?

Perhaps Malia will be the first black female world president… maybe your granddaughter will live in a cargo container and receive the same excellent healthcare as her African counterpart but a far far cry from Malia’s young family…

Greed knows no profession but I think it is visited by people of similar traits…


I could so live in a cargo container, I could do that. My wife not so much, she wont even go camping she has to stay in a hotel. She is like Eva on Green Acres, but a Saint and I adore her.

I hear what you are saying. I really do. And I appreciate your saying it.

And that is something that we all have to be keenly aware of and constantly ask ourselves ‘are we doing the right thing?’ That is always on my mind. When we elected President Obama some forget just how bad things were. Things were bad. One night my wife looked at me seriously concerned and asked “Did we do the right thing?” “Yes” I told her. “Yes. We did. Don’t worry, it will be fine.”

Things weigh on all of us like I know they weigh on you too.

What guides me is our Young People. I look at them and think we cannot leave them the world we came into. When I think of all the amazing things they will accomplish I think that we have to leave them a world that is prepared to receive these wonderful things they will deliver, new inventions, new medicines, new ways to look at societies. And when I look at places like Alabama, and Mississippi, proud states much unchanged from 65 years ago, and I know we have to do better.

And I see all the opportunity out there around the world, more nations working in conjunction than ever before. That is why we cannot stand still. There is too much at stake.


ps…besides, the Nobel Prize is not awarded to people who stand still.


Like the very premature anointing of our very peace creating president?? Moving does not mean that you are going in the right direction…


standing still you know you are not.


Not necessarily Steve. ‘Improvement’ is a nebulous term… I have asked on a couple of occasions on here for people to talk about ‘Humanity’… What is ‘humanity’ … what ‘progress’ means in real terms to ‘humanity’. If you remove the pain… the chance… the failure and the expectation from life… are you really any longer a human? Progressive thinking talks about immortality… singularity… digital memory… is that progress or is that just moving … forward? Sometimes the community that you look at as being backward and downtrodden is happy… healthy and united, going through life not particularly caring about your view of progress… Then ‘you’ arrive… Not unlike America’s quest to democratize the world and give as a gift to the world… ‘Western Values’, ‘you’ leave in flames those things that were good… that existed millennial before you got your bright, progressive ideas…


Wouldn’t that be nice.

The problem is reality doesn’t bear that version out.

Reality is crushing student loan debt.
Reality is larger wage and wealth gaps.
Reality is more people in poverty due to these gaps.
Reality is racism is alive and well.
Reality is in 2012 51.1% of American voters agree with Our Presidents vision on how to attack these and other issues.

And the reality is…we can fix this.

All we need is the will to do it.


With the history of each and every one of these problems laid neatly at the feet of incompetent, intrusive government and its crony association with business… over 70% of America think we are moving in the wrong direction… now that can mean a lot of things but at the end of the day this president has been in business for 8 years and the imperial president had reigned for almost 16. A good many democratic voters see no future in the establishment that they have repeatedly supported and blacks who overwhelmingly put this president in office feel just a little bit more than betrayed…


the GOP Congress wont even discuss student loans.
wage wealth and poverty gaps have been created because gvt has largely left business alone.

I do agree the people feel betrayed and to change things must involve a role for Government because that will be needed for any solution. The Free Market fails to be equitable.