Australian gun laws stopped 16 mass shootings, new calculations show


Its time to ban all semi automatic rifles and handguns entirely, and get rid of the second Amendment once and for all
Australian gun laws stopped 16 mass shootings, new calculations show



easier than you think we’ve been working on a plan for years




She tried to take some guns lol



Oh, so its not real. Got it. I have also calculated that there are 9 trillions sand particles on earth.


computers are smart, and here we go before the law there was an average of one mass shooting a year
in the past 20 years tere has been one mas shooting do the math thats a 95% reduction 95%

An example of race baiting and Alinsky's tactic (i.e. projection)

Oh boy, every computer science professor would say on day one of teaching any CS 101 course, that computers are dumb, and that why you are here to learn about how to be a competent computer scientist.


then why do you use them?



They are tools, just like any other, Just bc my shoes are “not smart” that I dont use them. There is no stupid question, but this is one rare instance.


There are an estimated 12 billion small arms on the planet ( .50 cal & under ). That’s 12 thousand million. Many many millions are totally unaccounted for. It will always be efforless for some screwball to locate & purchase- acquire an illegal firearm. For the record, the worst school disaster in US histroy, did not involve firearms.


ha, I found this thread, of course after Billy Boy has been banned.

so he thinks a computer analysis predicted that 16 shootings have been averted because of the 1996 massacre.

Too funny, of course he failed to mention most shootings in Austrailia were from people the victims known, including a few murder suicides

But actually stranger killing strangers killing , 4 people out of 9 multiple shooting since the ban
and the rest were by people the victims known, not including stabbings, car attacks and gang land slaying

So the gun ban did what?

did you know Sydney which was considered a safe city, now has area where police has warned tourists not to go, since the gun ban violent crimes are on the rise, stabbings and home invasion an all time high

Auburn, greenacre , Busby, Granville Merrylands, all were decent areas prior to the gun ban, today they are considered one of the most dangerous area and high likely hood of getting robbed or stabbed.

Home breakin an all time high.

Ask any Sydney citizen , Gun ban did more damage than having guns to protect oneself.


Here’s the irony. First, only law abiding citizens would hand over firearms. Criminals never ever do. Next, the funding that covered the so called gun ( snicker ) buy back, came from the taxes paid by law abiding citizens. So, this piece of genius legislation took firearms from the hands of the people who were the least likely to use them for criminal activity.