'Bait truck' of Nike shoes left in black Chicago community during railroad sting


Finally, a bait thread of my own.

Community members confronted a circle of police in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood over a “bait truck” filled with Nike shoes and allegedly left open by police aiming to lure potential thieves and make arrests.

“Y’all dirty, man,” a man tells officers in an online video of the incident published Thursday. “Y’all see kids playing ball and you pull a f----- Nike truck into the ghetto.”

But Norfolk Southern Railway, which operated the truck with assistance from the Chicago Police Department, denied that the sting targeted neighborhood youth and that the truck was ever left open. Three men, ages 21 and over, were charged with burglary last week after they broke into the truck, police said.

Charles McKenzie, an anti-crime activist who put the video on Facebook, told Vox that the truck appeared next to a basketball court frequented by young people in the largely black neighborhood in the South Side of Chicago. Norfolk Southern spokeswoman Susan Terpay said the truck was never parked near a basketball court, but said that a ball could have been dribbled near the truck.

The truck moved between several locations within a few blocks of rail yards and related properties, Terpay said.

“Freight theft specifically in this area has been increasing as the volume of rail traffic moving through the city of Chicago also increased,” she said, describing recent thefts of guns and ammunition from in-transit freight containers.

“This week’s police operation was intended to directly combat such unacceptable thefts,” Terpay said.

Chicago police confirmed that Terrell Melvin, 21, David King, 36 and Floyd Allen, 59, were charged with burglary after the truck’s secured trailer was broken into last week. Terpay, the railway spokeswoman, denied that the truck was ever left opened with its contents — the Nike shoes — exposed to the public, even after being broken into.

Authorities use everything from fake drugs and modified cars to GPS-affixed packages and bikes to weed out thieves nationwide. Theft of in-transit property, known as cargo theft, caused nearly $27 million in losses in 2016, according to FBI data. Both local and federal agencies conduct such “bait” operations, Vox noted.

But some community members perceived the bait truck, left in an impoverished neighborhood, as an obvious attempt to target black youth as racially lopsided arrestsunfold nationwide.

“The police parked a truck with boxes of Nike shoes in front of kids, lifted up,” McKenzie, the activist, said on Facebook, “and when people hop in the truck, the police hopping out on them.”

McKenzie founded Gods Gorillas, a group promoting job assistance and alternatives to violence in Chicago. His video, which has 630,000 views on Facebook, later picked up another 290,000 views on WorldStar.

In another video, YouTuber Martin G. Johnson allegedly depicts the bait truck traveling between locations with “plainsclothes, FBI-looking type guys.” Once parked, he films community members telling authorities to remove the vehicle from their neighborhood.

“Kids shouldn’t be breaking back into trucks,” a police officer responds.

After the confrontation, however, the white truck is driven away.

“That’s what advocacy looks like,” one man says. “Good job, people.”



A ridiculous waste of resources - baiting children to commit a crime rather than going after those who have already committed a crime.


Three men, ages 21 and over, were charged with burglary last week after they broke into the truck, police said.

Dont be racist. Just bc they are black doesnt mean that you can call then “children”.


The op says “kids” but don’t get baited…


:laughing::laughing::laughing: There is zero need to manufacture crime in Chicago !!! :laughing:


Come on this is entrapment and you racists know it. Let’s park a truck full of Nike boxes in front of a basketball court where inner city kids are playing. Yes, minding their own business. Was there a sign on the truck, that said private property? Don’t enter? Anything?

This is appalling. That’s ok though. Karma is no joke. These cops will get what’s coming to them eventually.


Of course it is, Democrats are racist, Chicago police force run by Democrats. Blacks are waking up


Haha…that’s fucking hilarious. :laughing:…if they would have parked it next to a liquor store, libs would say that they were going after kids buying candy…


So youre saying … that to black people, cars and trucks are public properties so they can break into any tinme and thats fine? Oh now I understand the “white flight”.


“Stings” are normal police ops to get rid of bad elements. They do it with hookers and politicians, I have no problem with them doing it with little street thugs either


Children? You know a lot of “children” who break into vehicles when given the chance, do ya?


U r a fucking idiot…that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s people like u that calls others stupid for leaving things visible in their car for people to steal…yea lets all put a sign on our windshield that says private property so we don’t get our shit stollen…


Like I said, that USAtoday piece was a bait. Here is the real article addressing the bait.

The railroad left a trailer truck full of goods sitting under a bridge in Englewood earlier this month.

Norfolk southern said surveillance video shows people breaking into it, and – within a minute – removing boxes.

Activist Charles McKenzie posted two videos of a bait truck on Facebook earlier this month. He said a truck was parked next to a basketball court frequently used by young residents in the largely African-American neighborhood.

Railroad officials insisted they were not targeting young people, and the truck was not placed next to a basketball court. They also said the goods inside were not visible from outside the truck, contrary to claims online.

It was unmarked, it was locked securely, and its contents were invisible to passersby. The suspects saw a parked, unmarked trailer and then proceeded to cut open the safety seal with box cutters, broke into the back of the trailer and only then did they find retail shoes in unmarked brown boxes, previously secured and hidden inside,” Norfolk Southern spokeswoman Susan Terpay said.

Three people were arrested in a joint operation by Norfolk Southern Railroad police and Chicago police. They were between the ages of 21 and 59.

In the recent past, individuals broke into parked freight containers in the Chicago area, stealing a range of consumer goods, to include guns and ammunition in transit. Norfolk Southern has the responsibility to ensure the freight we are transporting is safely delivered and does not pose a risk to the communities in which we operate. This week’s police operation was intended to directly combat such unacceptable thefts,” Terpay said.


And here’s a black dude laughing at you racist people thinking black adults are children and cant think for themselves


My wife told me that she had a problem with the program of police using sting cars in high auto theft areas… I just gotta ask you… even if the truck had all kinds of warnings and disclaimers on it, do you think the intended targets could read them?.. do you even think they cared?

My wife (a British Citizen) was appalled over police putting sting cars in high auto theft areas and called it entrapment… I just got to ask… is a store that sells these things nothing but an inducement to crime or are the targets incapable of any kind of restraint and deserve to reap the rewards of their own behavior.


The only thing they are robbing is their future. In other words, their real estate price will be down, their employment prospect will be down, cost of living will be up etc… just bc they are racking up the crime statistics in the area.

One random act of kindness can have rippling effect for and wide. The reverse is also true.


I read an article about a pawn shop owner whose business had been broken into several times. One day, in the front window, there appeared a large rattlesnake in a cage; with a sign, “His brothers roam the store every night”. No more break ins.


I think that the racist is you by assuming that a particular race would steal the shoes. Theft is an equal rights opportunity, no race is marginalised when it comes to theft


I hear that they leave snakes on the back seats of cars in South Africa. It has the same effect


I agree with you this is entrapment however just because these are inner city kids and the van did not say private property don’t enter that dose not mean these young adults can just rob shit willy nilly they are people that are responsible for their own actions and should know better