Baltimore is regretting asking police to STAND DOWN!


Mayor ‘told police to STAND DOWN while Baltimore began to burn during riots’ claims damning new report as calm returns to city after stringent curfew enforced by 3,000 National Guard and cops restores order despite clashes . according to a senior law enforcement source, the embattled mayor effectively told her officers to do nothing as the city began to burn - raising questions as to whether the rioting could have been stopped.

Baltimore police did exactly what the black community roited about , being stopped by police , questioning blacks , stopping black drivers , questioning black drug dealers . NOW the black commuity is complaining the police are not making enough arrests and killings are on the rise . Homocides are up 190 % since the riots , who is the blame ? What police officer wants to lose his or her job over false claims ? Everything is racism , every white cop is racist, that is the mood in Baltimore ! Who can forget the utter LIE , “hands up don’t shoot ? I’m enjoying watching this rise in homocides and the all the complianing NOW !


In 2016 after Baltimore A total of 118 law enforcement officers died in the line of duty in the U.S. last year, according to an FBI report released Monday. It said 52 of the deaths were accidental and 66 were felonious.
The annual Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted (LEOKA) report said 57,180 officers were assaulted in the line of duty and about 30 percent of the officers were injured in those incidents. It said the number of fatalities increased from 2015, when 131 officers died — 45 in accidents and 41 as a result of a criminal attack.


The police should not be commanded to stand down unless there is imminent danger to their own lives involved. Doing so is tantamount to requiring them to NOT DO THEIR JOB.


Let the police stand down , let the drug dealers and blacks kill each other. It creates good business for funeral homes .
Let the NGGRS burn the city down .They need better homes create increased business for contractors to FUK the city building the homes under government contracts. Everyone benefits from the rising economy and more jobs.It could only improve Baltimore.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I cannot remember a big city Black mayor who was not a corrupt leech and race pimp- wait, there was one Tom Bradley in LA during the early 80’s and perhaps, nope that’s it.

That every city run into the ground by Black Mayors/administrations of color (only one color) declined year after year after year… is not the fault of skin tone, but of an insular, corrupt culture that defies norms of decency as being “White.” These dysfunctional ‘cultures’ are self destructive; they are also an endless source of patronizing virtue signaling by Democrats. These same Democrats do nothing, claiming that any criticism of any of this constitutes ‘racism’. Every four years the black pols head to the cities wearing ridiculous dashikis to show solidarity, that they are keepin’ it real all up in heah! After the election they return to the tony parts of the city, and suburban Virginia to resume their actual lives.

Baltimore used to be the ‘land of pleasant living and National beer’. It is no more; the Democrats have created a culture that embraces vote patronage through encouraging self pity, anger, and failure, while throwing just enough ‘free’ money to keep the failures thinking the Democrats are their saviors.


So has the U.S. Justice Department. During the Obama administration, the department launched wide-ranging civil rights investigations of troubled police forces, then took them to court to compel reforms. Under President Donald Trump, Washington has largely given up that effort. “If you want crime to go up, let the ACLU run the police department,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said at a gathering of police officials in May.

Another of Obama’s legacy, no doubt.


When blacks are involved all the normal procedures are abandoned and special rules enter . Affirmative Action in law enforcement !!


And do they whip out the entire deck of race cards when blacks behave like animals while dems applaud . :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Don’t forget the LATE great DC MAYOR Marion Barry. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Marion “Have a Coke and a Smile” Barry…




On a side note, the book “The Bell curve” by Hermstein and Charles Murray came out the same day as Marion Barry was RE- elected.


Barry was most definitely at the far end of the curve . :wink::laughing::laughing: