Banned from reddit for peddling red pills


I was banned for exposing a common meme displaying a suspected Manchester bomber that “claimed” responsibility. Fuck Reddit


You are welcome here. I came after the the shills invaded 4chan. I was banned from reddit before that.


Yeah - reddit is fucked. It was only a matter of time before the leftists re-claimed their territory. No restrictions here. Only shills get banned.


Yeah - you won’t get treated like that here. Plenty of threads like that.


Ha - banned from Reddit. Welcome to the club. Don’t you know Reddit is only for oppressed minorities?


You can talk about Seth Rich and whatever else you want here and not get banned.


We seem to have a full pharmacy here and while red pills suit several… their is a contingent that is constantly milling around the counter the latest and greatest blue variety are displayed… When your conscience hits, do you knock it back with pills?

Welcome to our fencing club…


However… many here do prefer fact to speculation… which is why so many roll their eyes at the lefts constant harping on about Russia and Trump… But I am waiting for that one big news spill that links the Democrats to Russia… Now That WILL be a Hoot !


I heard you sell pink pills here. How much do you charge?


Not to hijack your ‘introduction thread’ but I just have to ask the community… how come when someone who openly affiliates themselves with the right, NO current member who post opinions that lean left are ever welcoming of that new person?


According to my the ladies i lean left a bit, and yet im still here.


Viagra is blue… no?


Lol im in my early 20s… Tho it was a freak accident in my youth ( when i was 7?) that my biological “weapon” was semi-cut on one side, lots of blood but i was fine. The other side over-compensates in growth, so idk if that explanation suffices .?.


Ah… a true blue blood then… :grin: I knew you were trying to pervert the course of this discussion…


WEll I figure to drop by and welcome the new member, before heading back out there and fight the REDs / LEFTs. They are not here for a reason, they are preparing their ammunition

Funny they havent started a thread on Trumps guns decree hammer on their ability to judge who has mental illness before buying guns etc… or did i miss the thread?