Barefoot Runner Threatens Homeowners with Government Action over Acorns


This is a reminder that it is your civic duty to keep your sidewalks clear of acorns and other debris for bare foot runners.


I suspect that, outside of say Mass., he/she/it would be laughed out of a city council meeting. This is a perfect example of the left- I have a hobby; it’s a bit odd, and I revel in it, therefore all must adapt to my wants and demands or else my rights are being violated.


He should run around my property. Chinese chestnuts.image


What this person is going to do next is alert all of the other barefoot runners in the area. They will demand action against the home owners and the tyranny of the majority will reign.


We are breeding a nation of wussies.


Any complaints from San Francisco runners who wade thorough shit in their bare feet?


If I got a complaint like this I would start going around and gathering even more acorns to dump all over the sidewalk.


That’s soft stuff

They do need to beware of needles


Heh heh yeah when I saw this I thought it had to be California. Lots of oak trees around here - but then, nobody here would care more about a person than a tree. The mascot for Stanford U. is a tree!


Where did you find this? What platform was it being distributed on?