BBC Pidgin is a Disgrace



I started seeing screenshots of BBC Pidgin on /pol/ yesterday and I thought it was all fake. Well, it’s not. The BBC is actually wasting money on this and in the process completely justifying the destruction of the English language. What a joke.


Dem day not speak da English so good. BBC make da English simple for da people not speak so good.


Dat BBC pidgin bix nood was big bullpoopoo.


Are you fucking kidding me with this? Watch, the Washington Post and NYT will make an ebonics translation next.


Why aren’t blacks freaking out about this? What the BBC is saying is that blacks are now too stupid to learn real English so they must translate the articles into broken English to help them.



What the hell is this garbage?


I wonder how the UK tax payers feel about this since the BBC is basically forced onto the tax payers who have to pay licensing fees just for owning a television. Pretty disgusting display of you ask me.