Been up to my eyebrows in BUSY


Looks great! Drop a link so people can buy!


At the moment I do facebook, message and email orders. Even if you order one from my site it is email.

This is my site:

Facebook is @ArcherCustoms

Message me for text and email.

I take PP and CC over PayPal but I do not like accepting a straight order because I do not like any automated system, PP, any of them.


By the way, St. Deplorable is an exclusive, it is a federally protected species. The copyright is owned by Archer Custom Designs but I do give limited permissions for tats and I can get your artist a clean copy of the image.


Nice workmanship!!! Was pointing out the praise that trump has been lavishing on KJU a point of contention for you??


Nothing wrong with the praise, politics.


Well, we both know that you wouldn’t be saying that if Obama was speaking so glowingly of KJU. :wink:


Like the Castro thing?

I honestly did not care then and I actually care a little now. Understand the Kim cannot make rapid changes because it could lead to terrorists with nukes. He must remain strong and absolute and he can tone things down over time.


And you were preaching he was starting a nuclear war not so long ago . So like ALL your liberal friends the bar get moved because you can’t stand to see president Trump complete one mission after another . :roll_eyes:


And there has never been a threat of nuclear war except in the minds of the left and media.

NK and Iran may be radical but both know that a nuclear war would be the end of their countries. The same applies to Iran.


Then it’s a moot point.


No, nothing like it whatsoever. Obama never heaped such slobbery praise upon Castro.


Where you been the past 10 years?


Feel free to quote Obama slobbering such glowing praises upon Castro…


Iran deal, CUBA deal, bowing to things in the ME and other places… But hey this thread is not about you or your opinion, you derailed it so please step out and take your assholerey to another thread.


You asked what’s been going on lately because you’ve been too busy to pay attention. I’m sorry that what’s been going on ruffles your feathers so, but Trump has been acting the fool again, and that’s the news. Maybe you should stick your head back in the sand, shrug.


Why didn’t you mention Comey getting off by the completely broken Justice system in this country?


No, that is fine, sorry, my bad. It was just that the thread was becoming about one thing. Again, sorry.


There’s no need for YOU to be sorry. Montecresto1 makes his regular rounds frequently…with obvious intent to change the topic of every thread he visits.

What other products do you offer with this logo?


Currently St. Deplorable is available on pendants, mirrors, beer mugs, rear view mirror large medallions, metal rear window badges but I do pretty much anything. Did this as a fathers day item.


Comey didn’t get off, he was fired, albeit for reasons other than what was found in the OIG’s report.