Bel-Air Homeowners Association Issues Fine To Resident With Unapproved Wildfire In Front Yard


BEL-AIR, CA—Saying the ornamentation was not in compliance with neighborhood guidelines, the Bel-Air Homeowners Association issued a fine Thursday to a resident with an unapproved wildfire in his front yard. “After receiving complaints from neighbors on both sides of the residence, we were left with no choice but to fine Mr. [Michael] Walters for the flames raging in his front lawn,” said association president Linda Heggen, adding that each day the massive blaze was not extinguished would result in additional penalties. “Upon taking possession of their homes, property owners agree to adhere to the strict no-inferno policy. This is an exclusive community, and we can’t allow that to be compromised by someone deciding to keep an obtrusive hundred-foot wall of fire in front of his house.” At press time, however, the homeowners association lifted an existing fine against the resident for overgrown hedges as the wildfire had incinerated them.


This is funny because I actually thought it was real. Yes, that’s how shitty my HOA is and I could see them doing something like this with a straight face.


I just moved from a (rural) property with an HOA that didn’t even have restrictions and covenants but was still unbearable. I understand the concept, and reason why they exist, but like so many other things with noble beginnings…


This past Sunday the HOA had my car towed that was parked right in front of my townhouse in the parking space that I own.

I came out to go to work on Monday morning and my car was gone. My neighborhood isn’t the nicest neighborhood but we don’t really have a car theft problem, so I knew it had been towed. My wife’s car was in the shop so we only had that vehicle. I ended up calling the HOA when their business hours started to find out what happened.

They towed my car because my hang tag was not visible. I told them that my hang tag was perfectly visible because it was hanging from my rear-view mirror. When I took my wife’s car to the shop I tossed her hang tag on the dash and it slid a little bit below the window. So the jackass tow truck driver saw that and picked my car up right in front of my house in my spot. The HOA did absolutely nothing for me. I had to call a cab, get driven out there, and pay $175 to get my vehicle out. I burned up a vacation day too.


Ouch! That sucks. The HOA will probably refund you your expenses. :wink:


If they ever return my calls. They have the same business hours that I do. If I don’t hear from them by the time they open this Saturday they’re going to get a visit from me and it’s not going to be pretty.


Ok, I’m rooting for you!!


Want them to call you? Let it ride until January then don’t pay your HOA fee. They will be calling you on January 5th. Just watch.


HOA’s can be good and bad.

When they act out of vengeance they are certainly bad. When they act for the good of the community, they are a benefit.

Want examples?


Not necessarily.

Not paying your association fee will get you a letter and a late fee.
If you refuse to pay, you get a second registered letter and an appearance before the board, more late fees.

Let it ride past 3 months you get a lien from the association attorney.

Then the real fun begins with the association attorney and collections.

In the end, you pay the dues. the fines and the attorney fees.

Timelines are dependent on declarations and rule and regulations.