Bernie Sanders Promises a Government-Designed Ferrari, Payments Included


You and I both know it does not work that way!

Bought a home I could afford with a fixed interest rate… I did not get money to buy a home, others did. Cash for clunkers?

Where the hell is the bailout for those of us that try to be responsible? We just keep on keeping on and getting by while many dipshitz get over.


A goofy program that did nothing but accelerate the time forward for people already looking at buying a new vehicle.

For the manufacturers, they eliminated rebates and discounts for the money the government gave to people for their old cars.

For people, the people in the used market they could less inventory and paid more for a used auto.


True, it doesn’t. I just can’t for the life of me understand why people choke on a gnat and swallow a camel, shrug.


Because while some of us, from time to time, struggle to keep ourselves afloat others stand on our damn heads, pushing us further down, so they can stay dry.


It would be nice if the government provided us individually with a break down of where each one of our tax dollars go. Then maybe people would find something more realistic to bitch about. A nation that is composed of people which 80% of “profess” to be Christian that complain about doing the things that “Jesus” commanded, feed and house the poor, heal the sick, minister to the homeless and the stranger in your land (the immigrant) but have no problem spending trillions on global occupation and war, is mind boggling.


Don’t pull that religious crap. That is the crap people pull when they are out of anything with substance to say.

Attack the Christians because I got nothing else! That is leftist.


Lol, busted. When the rubber meets the road the Christian cracks every time.


I’m thinking that Christians are admonished to look after their neighbors not be robbed by a secular government that decides what constitutes good works… Tithing is voluntary and good works is individual and from the heart… don’t try to compare your big government dress down of hard working people with the Christian faith which is individual and introspective… It is a cheap shot… Oh, and by the way, study after study shows that conservatives give more time, energy and money to voluntary endeavors than do those on the left… the left tend to create good ideas and then force someone else to pay for it…


Bernie has been in Congress for 34 years and only passed three bills, two renaming post office, he’s more likely going to be negotiating a plea deal for his wife’s bank fraud investigation than a better healthcare system.


Isn’t that the truth.

There latest boondoggle, medicare for all is the perfect example of the lefts excess and expecting someone else to foot the bill.