Best Trump news conference--hilarious


Am I the only one who was laughing hard RE the new conference Trump had right after the election?

everyone is talking about the Acosta incident, which was very comical but the whole thing is funny… if you enjoy watching Trump attack the so-deserving-of-attack lib journalists who only want to make a lib point rather than ask a question…

I mean, I couldn’t believe how perfect Trump’s answers were! I would have said the exact same things (except that syrupy stuff about Pelosi but i guess he has to deal w/ that witch)

the thing is, I would have likely WISHED I had said those things (after the conference I would have thought about saying those things)… I probably would not have known how to answer some of those Qs… so called Qs at the time asked…

so yeh… Trump is a genius :slight_smile:


If you ever get depressed or feel blue

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