Best way to convert young people (who are usually Dem)


have them come to this site!

I don’t know why it took me so long to realize this… I have been trying hard to get people to vote R… been “campaigning” all over the place… but if Dems came to this site, they would

  1. learn about socialism (as it is, they can’t even define it)
  2. learn the great “detritus” of Capitalism (benefits of that kind of system)
  3. learn about Venezuela
  4. see that Rs really do have valid reasons to be R
  5. learn all that Trump is doing for our country (or at least most…)

and i could just go on and on…

Please invite people to come here… esp Dems… I know you probably don’t know many. I don’t associate w/ them, myself… although i recently met a pretty decent kind of guy who says he’s alwasy been Dem… didn’t start hating on me when I indicated I love Trump…

the guy was a Christian… very strange to be Christian and Dem… but anyhow…


I am a green and all this site has done is just reaffirm my belief that both parties suck and their apologists suck worse because they should know better.


but one party “sucks” worse than the other



I agree , both parties suck, both parties caters to special interest groups, only the independents actually represent the real people

The reality is the People’s Democrap plantation party has done the most damage in American history, they cater to everything under the rainbow

The republican party today is a shadow of its former self and glory, today’s republican for the most part caters to multinationals.

There are very few Conservative Republicans today.

The only thing the Republican party has going for them today is they are not Democrats.



they have Trump!