Bill of Needs


I give up…


Nobody needs welfare when they can go out and get a job.


There would also need to be a Bill of Demands, and a Bill of Wants, oh, and a Bill of Entitlements

Bill of Entitlements and Responsibilities after the Consilium Californus
When in the course of human misery, it becomes expedient to ply the lowest denominator of eligible voter with the fruits of others’ labor, those who belong to the faction in control shall use their legislative power to enslave both the ambitious and the layabout, the educated and the intentionally ignorant. The former shall know indentured servitude for the state, and the latter indentured plenitude, from the state. The former shall be responsible to pay for the latter, and the latter shall be responsible to vote for the faction in power at least once, in each election. The former is also entitled to vote, as one might shovel against the tide.

The following Bill of Entitlements and Reponsibilities shall be addendum to the newly revised US Constitution:

  1. The less one works, or makes any effort to improve one’s self or lot in life, the greater shall be his/her/its entitlement- the ‘Mo’ slack bring mo’ jack’ principle.

  2. The greater one’s attempt to hoard the wealth of the people through hard work, ambition, or intellectual application, the greater share of that gain that must be forfeited to the State, for the good of ‘the people’.

  3. An individual shall be considered for entitlements and extra rights based on the loyalty to the faction in control, as well as skin color, and/or invented grievance.

  4. Never, going forward, shall a successful person of Caucasian ancestry, unless LGBTQWTF ever be eligible for any entitlements, save for the honor to pay for others’ entitlements.

  5. All children shall be entitled to indoctrination in the glory of being ‘on the right side of history’ in the great people’s government.