Black Males Are Responsible for 52.6% of All Murders in the United States


@Montecresto1 Must be nice living in mainly white liberal suburbs huh. You get to say things like that because you don’t have to deal with feral pavement apes and probably never really have. Give it a try some time.


Your hatred says it all!!!


As does your ignorance.


What about the 6 trillion dollars thrown away in the ME, just since 2001. Why is it that those monies (our TAX dollars) wasted never bothers you guys??


No surprise that the racists always end up in the gutter. Incapable of civil debate, this is what most of you here degenerate into.


First of all. Don’t derail threads.

Second of all. Find me one thread where I act like a neocon cuck licking the boots of Bush. The guy sucked.

Finally. I’m tired of not calling out blacks and all of their blatant racism and criminal bullshit. We gave them a chance. They fucked it up. End of story.


Followed by…

When you post something of substance you will get a substantive reply. When you shitpost you get shitpost back. It’s the way of the world.

Want to talk about black crime statistics?


Well, it certainly is the way of the TIC, setting the example.


Don’t fall for it. He’s posting for shekels. I’ll get the thread back on track. Don’t worry.


Not with an open racist and an uncivil poster such as yourself, no.




Of course - the official currency of Islam and soyboys around the world. I stand corrected.



That’s a good position for you. :wink:


Let’s just talk about black statistics in general and see what we can come up with!

equality facts 01_jpg

equality facts 02_jpg

equality facts 03_jpg

equality facts 04_jpg


equality facts 05_jpg

equality facts 06_jpg

equality facts 07_jpg

equality facts 08_jpg


equality facts 09_jpg

equality facts 10_jpg

equality facts 11_jpg

equality facts 12_jpg


equality facts 13_jpg

equality facts 14_jpg

equality facts 15_jpg

equality facts 16_jpg

equality facts 17_jpg


Plenty of facts from reputable sources that we can discuss @Montecresto1

If you don’t care to discuss, go find another thread to play on. There are plenty.


Bump for Travon

Some heavy artillery coming