Black Males Are Responsible for 52.6% of All Murders in the United States


Indeed, I believe I’ll leave the racist party to you all.


Common side effect of the red pills: hurt emotions, disorientation from cognitive dissonance, and depression.


Only in the last few years or so, have you seen a few black crimes reported nationally. And that’s only because of the Internet. To balance things out, they dredge up the least White crimes they can find. Back in 2008, few heard anything about the crime below.



Leftists only bow to their god of science when it suits their narrative


CC won’t stop an organized tank battalion but then again, you knew that… But then again, neither will outlawing firearms either… Have you seen that Britain, with the most repressive gun laws in the world, is having a gun amnesty… In a town close to me, they touted 1 hand gun, 2 bolt action rifles and 4 bb/pellet guns… I’m sure that will curtail the 40% rise in gun crime 'cause you can bet that no criminal turned in their weapons…


If you can’t admit racism exists among all racial groups and sexism exists with females as well as males then you are the one with the problem. You never discuss the real problems… that is because you are incapable of any conversation at a higher level. You know, I’ve been thinking about you and your responses sense you have been on here and while it is quite evident that you are a progressive liberal, I think that more than that, you are paid to come on here day in and day out just to post BS… You just don’t have the ability to engage… but you do think that you are quite all of that…

Yes, this was personally directed but then again you did just call me a racist…


South Dakota Dindu Gets 45 Years For Cutting Woman’s Nipples Off With Scissors:











Three perpetrators of a gruesome crime against a young teen and her unborn baby were sentenced to prison last week in Texas.

Sharon Jones, 47, Cecilia McDonald, 28, and Cedric Jones Jr., 29, from the Dallas, Texas area, will spend five to 12 years in prison for their parts in abusing a pregnant teen and forcing her to abort her unborn child, Fox News 9 reports. They each pleaded guilty to family violence aggravated assault, a felony. Two others also have been charged in the brutal attack on the young girl and her unborn child. The Dallas Morning News reports the girl’s brother, Robert Cayald, 24, allegedly raped her in 2012 when she was 13 years old. He faces a charge of aggravated sexual assault.

Eight months into her pregnancy from the rape, the teen’s relatives allegedly tried to force her to abort her unborn baby by taking morning after pills and cinnamon tablets. The drugs failed to kill her unborn child, so the relatives allegedly held the girl down and then kicked and punched her pregnant stomach to kill the baby, according to reports. “They held her down. They forced her to lay there while people stomped her,” prosecutor Rachel Burris said during the sentencing hearing. “I️t was savage.”






52% is this true??? …