Black Power Professor Jason Nichols Gets A Voicemail


When you listen to this voicemail understand that the professor who received this voicemail is a professor of African American studies at the University of Maryland who has been making the rounds on all of the major news networks - he most recently was on a tirade about eliminating Columbus Day and replacing it with an African American appreciation day. Keep that in mind when listening to the voicemail.


It was on Tucker Carlson. I watched the video myself and nearly blew a gasket. I’m an Italian-American from NYC. Columbus Day is a big deal for Italian-Americans in NYC.


This is what happens when people start pulling the race card over every little thing. Instead of talking about how we can all work together, they spread hate, divisiveness, and create an us-vs-them mentality. It’s not very smart. Especially when the term “minority” has nothing to do with skin color, and everything to do with population size. They might want to stop kicking a sleeping bear before things get nuts.


The life of a guy like Jason Nichols is built around his race and identity politics. People like him want to be the next Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson and make a fortune off of playing the game just like they did. All this woman did was give him ammunition. She should have just ignored him like most people do.


This began day one of Obama taking office he spent 8 years dividing the nation , he endless pointing out white on black crime while ignoring ALL black on white crime and ALL of the blacks killing blacks !


Most of us have been affected by Affirmative Action either in colleges or the work place . The entire concept is bizarre we punish some 23 year old because of something that happened 45 years ago , and reward another black who happens to be 23 years old and was NEVER harmed by that person or any other white in his 23 years . We have work sites that must hire blacks over better qualified whites every day . We see minority business getting bids over others solely because they are minorities , and in almost ever case they were NOT the lowest bid ! Nothing more than governmental approved RACISM !!!


I listened to this yesterday before I discovered this community. I guess people are upset because she dropped the N-bomb. In reality, everything she said was correct. Even if she hadn’t dropped the N-bomb she would have been called a racist anyway. I guess she figured she might as well go all in.


I’m sure liberals will seek shelter and a safe place after listening to that !!!


Yeah, and whites are just supposed to take it on the chin when all of this hate gets spewed at us. To hell with that. We don’t need safe spaces and we don’t play the victim card. Push us far enough and watch what happens. We are the ones whose ancestors created all of Western civilization and brought empires to their knees in order to create America.


It wasn’t too long ago that this stuff bothered me. I used to get really pissed off when I would hear people saying things like this. I’m almost a little sad to admit that I don’t feel that way anymore. For me I’m just so tired of the double standard. I’m tired of people saying really hateful things about me and my people without any sort of repercussion. Honestly what’s that even about. The only purpose it serves is to make people more pissed off at one another. When that happens you have to thank why? Who benefits from this. I think once we know the answer to that will know why all of this hatred seems to be very popular all of a sudden. This lady calling in is the reaction to all of the hatred that’s been getting thrown around like it’s nothing by these black power wannabes.


The left wants a full blown race war…and at this rate they are probably going to get one.


Just look back and it all started with Obama singling out EVERY white on black crime ,even when they were Hispanic he made them white , continually commenting on police abusing blacks even when he knew the blacks were resisting arrest and had committed a CRIME ! Blacks make up about 18% of the population yet they account for 87% of all the crimes . If you listened to Obama , Hillary, and the bias left media you would believe cops were killing blacks for sport There happens to be 99% of law enforcement that protect and serve but listen to their continued propaganda you would think if was just the opposite ! How many black on black murders did Obama talk about ? What has he done in his home town about the carnage there ? You would think once a black was elected to the highest office in our Country race relation would improve dramatically but just the opposite happened ! Blacks will always play the victim and continue to have a chip on their shoulders !


Spread this video around so normies hear their thoughts articulated. You can even do it pretending to be outraged at the racist lady. It doesn’t change the fact that she says nothing wrong. Then people will realize they’re not alone in seeing the truth about blacks.