Black Twitter



This is exactly why I don’t use Twitter any more. Between the SJWs, bots, black racists, and bans. I just couldn’t be bothered.


I quit Twitter when they demanded I delete two tweets that they claimed were disrespectful to Muslims. They were indeed disrespectful to radical Muslims. I want all radical Muslims to die…soon…painfully…like maybe saw their heads off slowly with a dull hacksaw blade. I have more than one Muslim acquaintance that agree with me on that issue.

I refused to delete them and told Twitter they could delete every tweet I ever made if it suits them.

To hell with Twitter! To hell with Facebook!


Go to Gab. Leave twatter to the colored and those who would copulate with them.


I second the recommendation for Gab. It’s absolutely refreshing. I love being able to express myself and speak my mind again.


The domain is for sale at $250,000


Might be but that’s where the Whites are


Yes goyim flock to gabbai and give your hard earned shekels to Torba. He’s on your side.

No one is using gabbai to monitor what issues get people on the right the most agitated (using the kuhcoon architecture).

The DC synagogue that Emma Rosenthal, the wife of Utsav Sanduja, works at isn’t a known Mossad front or anything.

Just keep shitposting on gabbai - you won’t ever get doxed from going there. Torba uses your data only for good, goyim.

After you go to gabbai make sure you sign up for discord too!