Blackmail ,Extortion Guide US Foreign Policy in Middle East


The Trump administration is using unprecedented threats and financial “blackmail” against the United Nations and its agencies to end their focus on human rights abuses by Israel, according to analysts and Palestinian leaders.

They accuse the United States of joining Israel in a campaign of intimidation against the UN secretariat and member states to forcibly rehabilitate Israel’s international standing.

The offensive comes after the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu had faced several years of criticism in diplomatic circles for refusing to engage in a peace process with the Palestinians.

An early indication of the new campaign’s success, analysts noted, was the election last week of Danny Danon as a vice president of the UN’s main representative forum, the General Assembly.


The US should end all funding to the UN. Move them to Brussels and let them figure out how to survive with out the billions poured into the corrupt UN by the US.


‘They’ would, wouldn’t ‘they’… ‘They’ always do…

Besides… I pretty well knew the UN was done when created the Human Rights Council and then proceeded to stuff it full of the countries with the worst human rights records. The Human Rights Council was established in 2006. It replaced the U.N. Human Rights Commission, which had faced severe criticism because countries with poor rights records became members and prevented it from carrying out its mission to the fullest.

The Bush administration refused to join the new council, questioning whether it would be much different.
Supporters of Israel have accused the council of being overly focused on the Jewish-majority state, by pushing critical resolutions, for example. Under President Barack Obama, the U.S. felt it was more useful to be part of the council and try to influence it from the inside, including by speaking out in support of Israel. What a joke…