Blood boiling, ready to give up


I have read a few things this morning and it has my blood boiling.

This nation has done more to protect this world and freedom than any other in the history of the world. Yes we do it wrong plenty of times and need to butttt out of many things but it is just something to mention.

Many people died to stop slavery! White people! And the FACT is few on the other side were fighting to keep the slavery, they were fighting to defend their homes.

Fast forward… The democrats (liberals) stole the torch from the more conservative republicans, just for the black vote not because they cared or even believed in what they were doing. Much like both sides do today, all about power.

There has been much hate spread by both sides but this is becoming an issue. This disrespecting the nation! Millionaires talking about privilege! Public figures teaching children to be defiant and hate.

It is going to come to a head and I really do not want to see it.


American progressives who were celebrated by both Hitler and Mussolini took to the streets under Wilson… They were violent and cared nothing of free speech. Progressives, the known as student radical took over college campuses and rioted in the streets and now they are at it again… and they talk about alright and fascism… Oh yeah… that KKK thing… they were democrats too…


Let me tell you… It is so much more. There is no need to look at specifics here. The fact is people need to get off of their collective tails and find the real common ground. The fact is, the media and government cause these issues because it makes them money and/or keeps them in power.

There is backlash that is against the government agenda the media steps in and causes mayhem. We are seeing social engineering on a massive scale.

I honestly believe the narrative is playing out in a way to create another civil war. Now this war will be controlled but it will have the effect of thinning the population and freeing the former US from debt. The name of the US will go down in history while the power players retain control under a different name.

Trump, Obama, Bush… Unwitting puppets. If you follow the money and the profits you will start to find the power players.

Now we must go deeper (I have done it in a paper I wrote way back) and look at the ties! The power players feed each other. So a Drug Company CEO sits on a board for a Beer Company or Tobacco company…

I saw this when I lost plenty of money with one company because they sold furniture and guess who sat on the board? CEOs of furniture companies that were pushing uncontrolled expansion so they could sell their products at higher prices.


Well…there are people that believe the same as you on all sides of the cultural and political divide. America is exceedingly polarized today. That means, deeply divided. So somebody’s going to beat somebody’s ass, or we’ll crumble from the reality of our national debt and the fact that we are spread so thin, 140 countries occupied now to perpetuate our “interests” around the world, or by external forces who are expressing in every way possible their concerns over the threat that a unipolar world is to global security. Or, just death by a thousand cuts. One thing is certain. Neither party in America is fixing a thing, so we’ll have to see if Americans continue to rely on them, or decide to try something different.


I feel the same way. The social and political climates of America have become toxic. What’s worrisome to me is just how fast everything has gone downhill. I think all of this is controlled although I’m not sure who is actually doing the controlling. I know everyone likes to claim Soros, but how could one guy be such an effective puppet master? Also what does Soros get out of the deal? I don’t have any evidence to prove my theory other than what I see on the news. All of these protests don’t seem spontaneous and all of the signs they march around with look to be professionally done and mass manufactured. I have spent my entire career in marketing and I know what a professional design looks like.


Lol, now wouldn’t that be something, a civil war.


It would. Especially for all the anti-gun advocates. Nothing wrong with a good cleansing every once in a while. Civil wars don’t work out too well for populations that disarm themselves.


People are getting a little pissed and the true right is just being patient and waiting for this to resolve. If it does not… All hell may break loose.


You sound gleeful at the proposition!


Another that sounds gleeful at the proposition of such a thing.


No, I would like to avoid it at all costs but I will not hesitate to defend my family.


A lot of us are tired of getting beat on because all we want is for our elected officials to start putting Americans first. They work for us if you have forgotten. If things need to get ugly in order for them to realize that…then so be it.


Social justice is everything with the left.

White males in America are considered the oppressors of people of color, therefore they must be toppled. Western Civilization is considered the oppressor of all other civilizations, therefore it must be toppled. Christianity is the dominant religion and oppresses other beliefs, therefore it must be toppled. And so goes the thinking in order to create equality and the new form of paradise.

Yes, the left truly hates everyone and everything that is different from their beliefs. How else could the fire Obama ignited possibly end???


Well see… ya kinda get tired of people projecting their own hatred, racism, misogyny and any number of phobias on to you while managing to get away with telling you to shut up…


There my friend, I must disagree with you… Social Justice is the vehicle they use to gain power… they could give a damn about anything but power. Blacks have started to understand that they have been used and women have yet to figure that out…


Your little pipe dream of a civil war isn’t going to happen. Suck it up.


You know John… If I were gay… you would give me shivers of excitement… so forceful… so… so … all knowing…


I’m sorry, I didn’t know that your family was threatened. God speed, but black men asking for equality shouldn’t be a threat to your family. Though I don’t know what your family is involved in.


The threat to my family is the same threat to yours. Idiots out there looking for a fight.


I think players getting millions a year… wearing their bling and pimpin their ride should attest to the ability of someone to use their God given skills to go anywhere they want to in America… Unless of course you believe that the last president was little more than a ‘token’ foisted on the American people with no more ability than grand organizer from the corrupt city of Chicago… Do you think if cops withdrew from urban areas blacks would stop killing each other? … Uh no, they tried that in Baltimore… Their are successful blacks everywhere… you just have to get off your backside and put in the hard grind… If you have ability, people will not stand in your way one half or one quarter or one tenth as much as these poor down trodden athletes presume…