Boil n Branch ; FAIR TRADE ,Wait, What?


The Boil n Branch bed sheet company often heard advertised on the Rush Limbaugh program claims to be a FAIR TRADE outfit.
But the truth paints a different story. These famous bed sheets are made in India by starving Hindus.
Many of them are sick and diseased and come to work breathing the toxic fumes produced by the textile industry. Many bring their small children as young as 12 to work to earn enough to survive the day.
They are paid about 85 cents an hour and the children even less.

These sheets are then sold for 250.00 a pop by the lying scum on Rush’s radio show claiming these were made by FREE TRADE. yeah what a bunch of baloney, plastic banana.


This is a troll spamming Limbaugh threads. Ignore.



In fairness, these sheets are advertised all over the radio. And you didn’t provide a link to anything supporting the India claim??




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Thank you, it helps to have a link in the op. In a globalized world and market I have no problem buying products made in other countries, besides, if Americans could make decent rugs and cheese, I’d buy them. What I do despise is a hypocrite like Trump that makes his products in China and staffs his many properties with foreigners telling me that I should hire American and buy American. :wink: