Brexit Won't Save Britain From Debt And Migration Crisis


People in the dreaded "alt-right" often talk about becoming red pilled, and what they usually mean is that they watched a podcast with someone of authority like Stefan Molyneux discussing race realism. Race realism isn’t anything new. High quality analysis has been available for over 20 years regarding race and IQ and much more granular information is becoming available via DNA testing.

Dave Rubin and Stefan Molyneux discussing Race and IQ.

Our grandparents knew all about race, using the now passé method of analysis, known as stereotyping. Our historians knew about race by observing the rise and fall of civilizations. This should be news to no-one.

But yet, it is news, because our belief in racial equality has become something akin to a religion. In the place of Christianity, which lost much of its authority after the Second World War, we began to look for guidance from Hollywood and the media.

But Hollywood and the media were very far from being impartial teachers. Many key figures in both spheres of influence were Jewish with a natural interest in maintaining their ethnic safety in lands that were not their own. More importantly they were imbued with a religious tradition that favoured the idea of utopia on earth. A moshiach or King would, according to the Judaic tradition, eventually take dominion over the planet revealing the inherent spirituality of the material world.

It is this belief that forms the religious antecedent of communism that now informs our political and educational institutions. And so, most of us in the west were drip-fed moral propaganda directed towards creating a utopian socialist society; with no more rational basis than born again Christians waiting for the rapture.

We have too long overlooked the intellectual flaws inherent in communism, despite the 50th anniversary of Soviet tanks rolling through Prague occurring this summer. We failed to do the heavy intellectual lifting required to consider what would serve our own best interests. But why would we? Our hangover from Christianity forbids a healthy and interested survival instinct; and where Christianity didn’t dull our analytic abilities, engineered social conformity repressed them.

So it came as something of a surprise to many when after a campaign dripping with accusations of racism that a substantial majority of the British public voted for Brexit.

The media demonized Nigel Farage. Hitler was mentioned on multiple occasions and anyone with the slightest interest in reducing immigration was deemed a racist. Yet fully half the country voted out of the European Union anyway.

In a split second the illusion of moral consensus was broken. The media saw Goebbels in every bacon sandwich for a day or two till they were fully exhausted by their own paranoia, yet no serious crime by any sane member of the community was ever logged. The Met Police, following a Freedom of Information Act request revealed no link between Brexit and so-called hate-crime. Stocks fell during the frenzy then quickly recovered and not one of the predictions made by project fear materialized.

Of necessity the media machine stopped blackmailing the population over race issues -having found the majority unmoved- and quietly made the story an anodyne one of economics. The media have clearly lost their authority; yet so too had the Conservatives who bet the house on ‘Remain’ and demonized half their constituents.

Brexit Won't Save Britain From Debt And Migration Crisis

With the herd turning and a propaganda machine shooting blanks The Conservative Party began using increasingly totalitarian methods to suppress the population.

Despite the fact that the police force is unable to deal with unheard of levels of crime, terrorism, and murder at rates approaching those of New York, the priority of the government has been to incarcerate and terrorize the native population for thought crime. Convicting Count Dankula for hate speech for his comedy video about a pug Hitler is simply dog-whistle repression. Banning a middle of the road civic nationalist like Lauren Southern and a traditionalist like Brittany Pettibone is yet another desperate move to push the Overton window back to a place where they can yet again override the native Brits natural instinct towards self preservation.

We are not and nor will we ever be at the end of history. Hobbes was right; the human animal is both an altruist and a predator. We all have the ability to reason and empathize to varying degrees, but our primitive instincts remain powerful.

Western civilizations have evolved, cognitively, to a point where we are acutely vulnerable to predation. You cannot empathize with your enemy and win in battle. A nation of atomized individuals adhering to abstract ideals will lose out every time against a tight knit racial-identitarian group, particularly one that is low in empathy. A population that trusts one another and is trustworthy will certainly thrive; but a population that trusts its enemies will perish.

The agenda of anti-racism is for native Brits to trust people not only in the absence of good information but even against our better judgement.
Our government has a duty of care to protect its people and yet in aid of a secular religion with no scientific, genetic or historical basis our people have been subjected to terrorism, violence, sexual predation and the abuse of our labor and financial systems.

Importing third world populations has not only given us third world problems, its has also increased our national debt which means outsiders have the power to direct our future and appropriate our labor intergenerationally.

A crippling national debt is an issue that has been with Britain since the Napoleonic wars. It is a product of our fiat based currency system, widespread acceptance of public debt, and usury. In a Christian country the hypocrisy of this fact is truly astonishing and it has lead to a series of governments that have not reflected the interests of British people.

Nobody today could argue that future generations will be more free than were their ancestors, nor are they safer and despite a technological inheritance with no historical rival, future generations will be less prosperous as well. With such grave consequences the anti-racist agenda must be seen for what it is, subversion of the most subtle and menacing nature; with the need for a remedy which reflects the seriousness of its consequences.

It cannot come too quickly for me.

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Britain is no different from the US.

Your debt crisis is similar to the debt crisis in the US.

The US, 21Trillion in debt with unfunded liabilities in Social Security, Medicare and healthcare that is unimaginable. Our politicians ignore the problem handing the problem to future generation for personal gan and power today.

We also have a migrant crisis from Mexico, central and South America which is ignored by politicians.

One thought is with more people working in the US more SS/medicare taxes will be collected to support both programs. Unfortunately the migrants/illegals are low wage earners and cost the US in excess of 160 billion a year in welfare services. Not to mention the billions they send to their relatives in their home countries.

Crime in the US as everyone knows continues to grow. Illegal immigrants account for about 3.5 percent of the U.S population, they represented 36.7 percent of federal sentences in FY 2014 following criminal convictions, according to U.S. Sentencing Commission.
American citizens like Katie Steinle are murdered and the illegal released by local citizens after a trial. The reward for illegals, sanctuary cities. Where does this make any sense.

How did London, Britain become a sanctuary for migrants from Muslim countries? How did the people of Britain allow this to happen? Was it originally compassion then followed by apathy? Was it the election of people who had a hidden agenda?

Crime in London since Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan took office:


The parallels in crime in London follow the crime in the US with our migrant population. The debt in the UK mirrors the US. Your BREXIT vote mirrors Trumps exit from free trade agreements, your migrant population mirrors our illegal population. Your countries unwillingness to change and address the problem mirrors the US. Your political leaders a mirror of the US political leadership.

Will the population of Britain change the current political dynamics or continue following the spiral of the US?


Whatever happens there they only have themselves to blame , when you import $hit expect the place to stink !


The same could be said for the US as we are leading the way with our migrant illegal population.


So true ! we are seeing the result of liberals importing votes the streets of California filled with $hit and piss , tents on every sidewalk and needles by the thousands ! In Seattle liberals have turned on their biggest supporter by TAXING ( Starbucks and Amazon ) the crap out of them to help those very same homeless they keep importing !


I said in the run up to the Brexit vote that the globalist who are, in my opinion pushing the migration and adhere to a neoliberal approach to governance (in furtherance of a progressive agenda), live on both sides of the English Channel. Just because they are separated by some form if legalese doesn’t change the trajectory of the societies. A handicap yes… a significant change of policy? No… Brexiteers will be disappointed by their perceived ‘independence’…


Please explain. I’m most interested as the exit continues to be delayed.


I think a good many who voted for Brexit, home-rule and control over immigration policy and quotas have a much different vision of the result than do any of the establishment leaders. Immigration for instance would be something that is controlled to the point of protecting and preserving culture, yet the same chamber of commerce type will push for high rates of immigration anyway and the same open borders element will be working just as hard to align home-rule with globalist goals.


It’s interesting when the people tell politicians what they want and are pretty much ignored and then the same people re-elect the same politicians again and again.


Two words: Barcelona Process

Europe : Hydrocarbon poor with a manufactured goods capacity
MENA : Hydrocarbon rich with no manufactured goods capacity

Neoliberals see $$$ and never see culture or race or security.


As an American living in the UK I can perhaps be excused for never hearing about this off of my own observations but why in the course of those observations this was never put in front of me, I find it very difficult to understand. This is one of those moments when my daughters words ring in my ears…‘There’s a million things you never knew, you never knew.’


I put the Barcelona Process into perspective regarding the pipeline infrastructures in this piece I wrote on RS a few weeks ago. Most people don’t realize how important the stalled EuroMediterranean Free Trade Area is to large transnational infrastructure investment pipelines such as Nabucco, the Greenline expansions in Libya, and a possible alternate route from Qatar-Saudi-Egypt-Libya-Italy, etc… without a comprehensive ‘free trade’ area managed by a supra-national commercial council - with all the trappings of its own court system for commercial disputes - such projects are too unstable geopolitically for investors.

Libya and Syria were the standouts causing waves in completing the integration process.

There’s a rift opening up though between the US-Israel-Saudi bloc and the EU-Turkey-Iran bloc … it all started with the Persian Pipeline project getting scuttled by Washington when they threatened to sanction the Swiss infrastructure company contracted to build this multi billion dollar piece of infrastructure. Now Trump tells Macron basically that the contracts signed with Iran for like over 70 passenger jet aircraft made in France will need to be cancelled because of the new sanctions and end of the Iran deal … the Europeans are really pissed off and they’re sick of waiting for alternative natural gas supplies to Russia when they could have tapped the Qatar-Iran super-field via Iran already. NATO will fracture over all of this. The EU is more interested in the UfM than doing what the US keeps commanding it to do, but either way, the UfM required economic integration with the MENA, which requires mass migration from the MENA countries to act as strike breakers in the EU, but also to depopulate the hydrocarbon suppliers so that the majority of the supply can be vectored into export rather than domestic consumption.

Basic rules are :

  1. Keep the MENA nations primitive and undeveloped
  2. Pump the massive export potential of their hydrocarbons into the EU
  3. Absorb the poor MENA muslims into the EU for cheap labor
  4. Disenfranchise the white European middle class.
  5. Neoliberal elites then have a super plantation which they can forever suck off of with their petro prince friends in the south.

It’s basically the rebirth of the Roman Empire. North Africa and the mid-east were the second half of the old Roman Empire which dominated the entire rim of the Mediterranean (thus the name UfM).