Britains First Private Police Force Has 100% Conviction Rate


TM Eye - led by former Scotland Yard senior officers - is now probing murders and rapes and are believed to bring more private convictions than any other organisation except for the RSPCA


I suppose that the regular cops are too busy tracking down evil Internet thought criminals to deal with insignificant rapes, murders and B&E’s.


This isn’t a new thing. I like reading about criminal justice related issues and this has been going on for a while. From what I’ve read it’s because there is a shortage of police across the UK.

It reminds me of what’s happening in South Africa. The White homeowners only use the police to get a crime reference number for their insurance claims.


Not so much that it is new but that they are so effective. The case for private policing is a strong one as long as they are watched for typical strong arm abuses.