British people have had enough


Brexit plans are NOT what we voted for…


UK voted for return of UK democracy, sovereignty of UK parliament, supremacy of UK law, control of UK borders, the freedom to trade Worldwide on our own terms & rejection of EU and all it’s institutions. Anything less will be a betrayal


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So what happens if they betray the voters? Don’t you guys have the ability to vote them all out with no confidence? Couldn’t you keep doing that until they get the message?


It doesn’t quite work like that here. General elections every five years and at these we can vote for a parliamentary representative ( MP = Member of Parliament), where the leader of the party with the most MPs generally becomes the Prime Minister. However, a protest vote would enable the next largest party (Labour party) to become the government, but these idiots are Marxist Socialists, anti-Semitic and islam loving apologists.


So what you’re saying is…unless May’s government does exactly what they are supposed to with Brexit…you guys are screwed.


Short term, Yes. However, This will leave the door open for new and more patriotic parties to come to the fore. Rejection of the EU is not a short term issue and is a major play in the recovery of UK Parliamentary sovereignty and UK democracy which successive governments have given away to the EU without the electorates consent. Treason May is playing a very dangerous game if she fails to deliver and it could mean the end of the Conservative party in the longer term


Perhaps a declaration of independence and a revolutionary war will solve the problem. It worked for US. :grin:


That is what is happening and the EU are scared shitless that the UK will have a competitive advantage once free from the shackles of our EU overlords. They are right to be scared, because we will have a competitive advantage, but it still present challenges for the UK


Yep, it’s catch 22. Labour (socialists) are worse than Conservative (now no longer considered right wing). In truth, both parties stand for the same thing - a European socialist super state, which would kill Europe. Nearly all Western European governments are working towards the EUSSR. The EU is an experiment, controlled by the UN, the NWO and the elites / oligarchy.
Most British people think that the EU started when we joined the (so called) EEC in 1973. But they’re very wrong. The first president of the EU came to office in 1957; a guy called Walter Hallstein, who played a big part in the operation of I. G. Farben (a petro-chemical / pharmaceutical consortium) who owned a huge experimentation plant, next to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp.
Walter Hallstein was a Nazi and facilitated Germany becoming very rich during the war.
The idea of a European supra state, stretches back further, to 1929, when Richard Cauldenhove Kalergy launched a plan to flood Europe with migrants. A major attempt in the UK was made in the 50s and 60s, when blacks were imported into Britain, but the scheme failed.
Hence, as I say, both Labour and Conservative are for this crazy plan, that can only fail, as did the Soviet Union. Why? Because they’ll run out of money.
The only answer is UKIP or another anti-establishment party, but, because the whole electoral system is rigged and flawed, so that only Labour / Conservative win, the other parties will never stand a chance of winning. To be honest, the only way forward and out of this rigged system, is violence, which will involve a water tight coup.
On main land Europe, it’s different, because each country’s political system allows for radical change, as we’ve seen in Italy and Austria. Other countries will follow, such as Germany, France and The Netherlands, but it will take time.
My belief is, that the EU is destined to collapse and that will bring down with it, the over valued Euro. When it happens there will be mayhem for a time, as countries sort themselves out.


IF Brexit fails to deliver the complete rejection of the EU which the majority of the voting electorate instructed the Government to do, none of the current political class and none of the dominant parties will escape unscathed, leaving a major opening for a pro UK party to fill the void.

As to the Nazi roots of the EU, it begins before Hallstein. below are the founders of the EU. Prince Bernhard was also a founder of Bilderberg


The UK was right to vote for Brexit. I would have voted for it had it been my country simply to maintain the sovereignty of my country. The EU was originally a plan to check Germany, but in the ensuing decades it has become a tool for German economic domination. That said, I do not see how May has held on this long. She needs to rip the bandage off and exit Stage Left so that the next person who comes along will at least be moving forward instead of walking in circles as May does.


I think May’s held on for so long, because the only alternative, at present, is the Labour Party and that would be even more disastrous.


Treason May is not long for this political World. We need a more EU sceptic leadership with the guts to believe in the capabilities of the UK


The sun is setting on the British Empire.


The British empire vanished decades ago


I hear you… As I said on the Rabbit Hole thread… 1) Sadly for all of Nigal Farage’s good points and I absolutely love him as an impromptu speaker, UKIP was one issue shall… ‘Get Out Of The EU’… as was clear after the referendum and Farage stepped out, UKIP was rudderless … both because it lost it’s only viable member it would seem and 2) it had absolutely zero policy to see the country’s separation for the entanglement that is the EU.

The second thing… at least from my observation, is that Britain has been totally swallowed by the globalist/socialist agenda. In the EU or out, Britain as a nation has lost its way. As your rightly say… I can’t see a 5p worth of difference between Labour and the Conservatives when it comes to economic and social policy. I lost faith in the British people’s ability to understand liberty and freedom when the High Court took away double jeopardy and no one even raised a wimpier…


Totally endorse your comments. Spot on.


As long as the British hold their island and the Queen, the British Empire will exist.

This too shall pass.


GB has no empire, hasn’t had for decades. The Queen is there for ceremonial and tradition purposes, great for the tourist trade