British Transvestite Courtney Act Flashes Public Forced to Pay for TV Licenses


Tax Payer Funded Transvestite

COURTNEY Act has suffered possibly the biggest wardrobe fail in CBB history as she tripped on her dress and watched her entire outfit fall apart in front of the audience.

The drag queen - real name Shane Jenek - left fans at home stunned as she desperately grabbed at the material of her skirt after flashing the live audience in the crowd.


Good let these British cucks see precisely what they are paying for. Freaks with mental disorders should not be allowed on television and any producers caught normalizing such degeneracy should sent to prison where they can dress like ladyboys for their refugees.


This is absolutely disgusting.


Still using “her” even after seeing his cock flop around in live television. The lengths that (((they))) will go to delude public have no limits.