Budget deal - NO DACA


BREAKING: Senate leaders have reached an agreement on a two-year budget deal, adding billions of dollars in federal spending.
The bipartisan accord would lift statutory budget limits by more than $200 billion and provide tens of billions of dollars in disaster relief funding.
Senate leaders unveiled the deal Wednesday after months of negotiations – and after Senate Democrats agreed to set aside immigration policy demands. Did the dumbacrats learn a lesson ? :wink:


This at least means that there won’t be any government shutdown fiascos until the next presidential election cycle begins to ramp up.


Now. comes the hard part,getting the illegals Enablers to compromise with the Trump Admin. Crazy Chuck and Nincompoop Nancy will become the leading Obstructionists.


The dumbacrats learn a lesson about putting illegals interests ahead of working taxpayers ! :wink:


The dems are so deeply concerned about chain migration and opposed to merit based the can’t see straight !
Some how they believe allowing an immigrant the right to bring 23 or more of their relatives , and extended family members is good for America . They also believe we want more immigrants from Turd-World Countries that were unable to complete the second grade after 4 attempts and 90% never made it to the 6th grade !


President Trump is posed to get ALL he wants on DACA and an end to chain migration along with deporting the other 23 million hiding in California , New York , Florida , Texas and dirty New Jersey !!! :heart_eyes: