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I hope I am not out-of-bounds asking as a new member, but I’d like to propose a business category. There are several stories that I’d like to post that are very business-centric and I was not clear on where to post them. I know this is a political forum but politics and business go hand-in-hand.

Would any other members find a business category useful?


I very much enjoy business discussions. Great idea, IMO.


Why not just use the the existing categories? That is what everyone else has been doing with business stories. I think having a separate category for business would get confusing - although if they were strictly business related and not impacting political events a business category would be fun. Sorry my answer is not clear - I guess what I am trying to say is that the category would need to be very specifically defined (we still have some categories without descriptions – wink wink nudge nudge @patriot @kvn).


I’m not opposed to creating a Business category if the community would find it useful. Let’s see if any one else chimes in. I’ll make a quick poll (that option is in the menu above btw). @DeepRiver - thanks for the friendly nudge. I’ll get that taken care of today!

#Should a Business category be created?

  • Yes, I want a new Business category!
  • No, just post in the categories that already exist.

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Business as it relates to politics. Some of us here came out of the old Wall Street Journal Market Watch blog. Business for the sake of business I don’t agree with.


Hmm…something we can agree on.