California Becomes First State To Give Illegal Immigrants Government Healthcare

Why are they restricting Healthcare just to illegals in California?

What about all the people who need heath care in Africa, India and China.

Where is the compassion? Fucking Racists.

Hahaha good. Accelerate their collapse. Fascinating to study the audacity and self righteousness of willful self destruction. As if to condemn oneself against the universe with commitment to ones wish of how they wish the universe to be rather than how it actually is. I want there to be no gravity therefore I will throw myself off this bridge! I want to give free healthcare to everyone therefore I will bankrupt and ruin this state!

And thus Commiefornia is now in full sprint towards oblivion.

Even if you’re a frothing at the mouth leftist Marxist America-hating commie why would anyone be batshit crazy enough to support this?

California is no long eligible for public funds, the state government has violated numerous federal laws. Federal agents should be dispatched to arrest the politicians.

Maybe this will push some Californians to actually vote for Trump…

Many US citizens in California don’t have health insurance but every illegal now does. Priorities priorities. What next? Make a big stink about illegals in detention while ignoring conditions of incarcerated citizens? Wait, that is already being done. Never mind.

Maybe the illegals should be temporarily detained in states where they will do Republicans the most good in a census count. After the census, they can be dumped in the California welfare state until they’re deported.

Another benefit these criminals receive from the HARD WORKING TAXPAYERS!!!
Why not have all the open border supporters of the LEFT pay for their healthcare. The U.S. taxpayers pay for far too much and receive nothing for it.