California considers 'May Day' as a paid holiday a communist holiday!


California bill may drop Lincoln and Washington birthdays. Bill would commemorate a communist holiday instead.
Just when we think California can\t get any further left they embrace communism with May holiday and dropping Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthday in favor of a communist holiday. So much for history in commie Californicate !


Let them do it. I want to see California go full socialist. Let companies like Facebook and Google get pressured through extreme virtue signaling into redistributing their wealth among the masses of the state to the point that they collapse. Let California raise their state taxes to the point that good hard-working people get taxed out of the state - so all that’s left are Silicone Valley billionaires who have to fork over their money to the illegals they are importing into the state.


This tells you everything you need to know about Democrats. The mere thought that this bill would be entertained in the assembly is reason to vote every Trump supporting Republican or independent into office in 2018. We can do our part to drain the swamp too.


Trump should sign an executive order and just cut em loose.


You under estimate the shear idiocy of the democrats living in that den of illegals !


Let that dipshit Jerry Brown change the state flag too.


Over the past few years, I have changed my voting philosophy from one which caused me to vote for the candidate, not the party…to one of voting against all known liberals. With judgeship elections that party is not listed.

I would have voted for Joe Lieberman had the Democrats enough sense to nominate him. Now I vote only for Republicans.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.


A potential problem I see with allowing California to increase its voting population by harboring hoards of illegals is that it may one day pack them in buses with one way tickets to other states. California could still use their proxy votes by having others illegally vote in their places.

California is a shithole!


I think they are putting up the wall in the wrong place. It should be along the western Arizona, Nevada, and Idaho borders. A big high beautiful wall with no doors.



Well it has been happening and no- one has done $hit about it yet !


I know that’s been happening. You cut my quote mid sentence. What I said was,

You should infer from that that I know it is happening and that nothing is being done about it.

Our pussy AG Sessions needs to grow some balls and start sending in federal LEOs to circumvent California’s ignoring of our Constitution. The federal government has authority to enforce immigration laws. Arrest Jerry Brown if need be. Arrest his entire administration if need be. Arrest the Mayors of all sanctuary cities if need be.

Close the southern border and enforce the law. Either that or change the law.


I got the fact you understand what is happening , I’m simply saying we see it clearly ,and yet NOTHING is being done .


Otay! My solution is to enforce the federal immigration laws…something our DOJ seems to be reluctant to do. Arrest Jerry Brown. Arrest all the Mayors of sanctuary cities. They will eventually get the message.


Interesting angle worthy of more discussion.


At least 2 problems I see with it.

  1. Finding a prosecutor willing to go up against the entire liberal establishment.

  2. Finding a way to keep it out of California federal courts.

Such arrests would have to be under federal authority and tried in federal courts. I’m not familiar with the rules regarding which district would be allowed or assigned to such suits.

Likely those indicted would fight to have the cases tried in California where a conviction would be a long shot. If they couldn’t get the initial cases tried there, they would likely have appeals entered in the 9th district courts.


Cutting off funding for various programs would probably be quicker and more efficient, huh.


That would be the most logical avenue cut ALL federal funds and put the hammer down on any revenue from marijuana sales . Locate ALL sanctuary cities and arrest the leaders and officials for harboring illegals , use the national guard if necessary . End the lawlessness !!!