California Gov. Jerry Brown to protesters during climate speech: 'Let's put you in the ground'


What a friendly place to live.

Was he really joking?

California Gov. Jerry Brown jokingly called for protesters to be “put in the ground” as they disrupted his speech at a climate change event in Germany.

“I agree with you, in the ground. Let’s put you in the ground so we can get on with the show here,” Brown, a Democrat, responded to protesters Saturday yelling as they chanted about fighting pollution and keeping oil in the ground.

Brown was speaking at the U.S. Climate Action Pavilion on behalf of “America’s Pledge,” which brings together leaders from both the private and public sector to ensure America remains dedicated to the climate goals of the Paris Agreement.

Gov. Brown is on a 10-day visit to four countries while on his way to the United Nations conference on climate change.

“I wish we could have no pollution, but we have to have our automobiles,” Brown said in responding to the protesters disrupting his speech.

President Trump announced in June that the U.S. would withdraw from the Paris Climate agreement, saying it would “undermine” the U.S. economy.


I just wonder how that would be received if it was a black crowd it was directed at and he was a republican ??? :wink:


Democrats can say they are just joking, no one else can.


Not only has this moron destroyed California, but clearly he desires to undermine the president. This is a disruptive tactic only a Marxist would use.


Half the country wants to disrupt this presidency.

Won’t next democrat in the WH have a pleasant time.


Oh, he’s not alone. Remember, the TIC has a continuous higher, much higher job disapproval rating than he does approval. At a mere 36%, the worst numbers consistently in presidential history, America DOES NOT LIKE HIM!!!