California Gun Control


All Californians who own Semi Automatic rifles with pistol grips and detachable magazines (regardless of bullet button) will be felons come Jan 1st.

You have 2 options.

Register them as Assault Weapons or hide them.

Ammo will also be restricted with back ground checks as well.

What can I do till Jan 1st?

You can convert your rifle to a neutered toy OR hide it somewhere where it won’t be found and claim it was stolen.


Also if you don’t own a rifle yet BUY ONE NOW, you have until Jan 1st.


If you don’t want to be raided (due to the DROS form info), build your own untraceable AR 15.

Allow me to show you how you can legally manufacturer an untraceable, unserialized AR-15 in your very home without any gunsmithing experience.

To create your AR you will need the following items.

AR Jig

Tool Kit

80% Completed AR receiver


Hand Drill

Lube or coolant for the drill bits

A vise to hold the jig

After you have acquired all the pieces, watch this instructional video to help guide you in finishing your lower.


You now have an untraceable firearm that’s legal, till Jan 1st.

Now you can assemble your rifle however you’d like!

Good starter kit


ARs will have to have 10 round magazines PERMANENTLY fixed to the reciever, and if you want to reload it you need to pull the TAKE DOWN PINS out and open the rifle to access the mag. Also you will need a rifle stock with no pistol grip.


4 inch PVC pipe with caps on both ends.

Perfect for storing a rifle that you want to bury.

Use pipe dope on the threads of the caps for a good seal.


I am sure that I will be the only one here who is happy for more gun regulation in California? Its a great law!

Also, When you apply to get credit not only do you give your ID, you give your social and other more detailed information…I still don’t get what all this fuss is about…it never said they don’t want you to buy guns or ammo, they just want to run your ID to see if your not crazy.

You guys should also be careful, because I am sure that building your own weapons is HIGHLY illegal.