California passed law forcing employers to restrict ICE's access


In the wake of the DOJ suing employers for their practice of hiring illegals, California makes it harder for ICE to perfrom their function at their workplace, or else they’ll get fired. They have to “tip” their illegal employees about a possible ICE visit, so they dont pay fine for their failures to do so, while they could also get fined by ICE for hiring illegals? No wonder more and more business is leaving commifornia.

Employers will also be required to notify their employees of inspection activity by federal immigration agents. If an immigration agent accesses an employee’s records, the employer must provide written notice to the employee within 72 hours, describing the inspection. The employee may also request a copy of the federal agent’s subpoena.

Employers who violate the law will face a fine of up to $5,000 for a first offense and up to $10,000 for each subsequent offense.

The new law would also prohibit employers from “reverifying the employment eligibility of a current employee” unless required by federal law. Violating this provision of the law will result in a fine of up to $10,000.


Will there ever be an end to the stupidity of law makers in Californicate ???


And now we should now refuse to give them any federal assistance for their wildfires - which I hope spread far and wide.