California School puts Allah Akbar in its Yearbook


Rancho Cucamonga High School put out a a two-page spread in their yearbook, praising Allah the Greater, in other words, Allah Akbar. These are the two words commonly used in terror attacks as they slaughter ‘infidels’.

It isn’t only that the Islamists are being highlighted, this is a Marxist cultural movement throughout the country meant to wipe out those religions that traditionally represent America.

In the early 1990s, according to, the term Islamophobia “was invented and promoted by the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT), a front group of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

How ironic!


I assume this is a PUBLIC SCHOOL supported by TAX DOLLARS???Doesn’t this cross the boundary of school support of religion and discrimination against other religions???
Parents must be to busy working, apathetic or are Leftists that support this. One can only imagine the negative news coverage from CNN or MSNBC if parents would protest outside the school or confront the principal .All the protesters would be cuffed and lead to jail.
How much lower must any organization must go in COMMIEFORNIA. :bomb:


This is some silly bullshit isn’t it. These goddamn leftists file lawsuits and protest in the street if someone so much as mentions God in a public school…and here we have a bunch of liberal jerk-offs straight up publishing religious propaganda in a publicly-funded high school’s yearbook. They might as well have just taken out a two-page ISIS recruitment ad in the center of the yearbook.


It is a public high school.

However, in California it makes no difference what federal law or federal courts say. Liberal city and county governments do as they damn well please.

The ACLU will certainly not chastise their model liberal state regarding this.


COMMIEFORNIA and the Clintons are alike. They have their own legal system and accountable to no one. :rofl:


The California school did not include any other religion, only Islam to show they are tolerant, multicultural, diverse, and against “racism,” Jihad Watch reported.

Wonder how accenting one religion and ignoring all others shows tolerance???


Radical Islam is the most intolerant “religion” on earth. It is a totalitarian theocracy…our way or death…which do you prefer?


That is biased and prejudiced by a Taxpayer funded school. They blatantly disregarded other religions to favor one that uses VIOLENCE to expand their influence. I wonder how many MUSLIMS are in that school. Maybe they would have started a Jihad if they were excluded from the yearbook. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


This of course is a big dilemma for people such as myself who actually believe that if you followed the clear reading and documented intent of the Constitution, things would be considerably better on many fronts… The left has managed since the mid 60’s to shut down property rights, business rights to hire and choose who it sees as the best fit and make and sell products to whomever they wish… I believe that is the only way social policy becomes an agreement of all citizens and for a few it will sideline their views … even if it isn’t fair. Culture is not a legislatable feature of a healthy society.

Silenced by court case after court case, the right has said for years that business should have the right to serve and sell whatever to whom ever… the left have suddenly agreed… Not about cakes of course but Google fires based on political views but I remember a time when a business would be taken to court for not pushing diversity. Twitter shadow bans political thought it doesn’t agree with but if a right leaning company did similarly to oppress liberal thought… off to court they would be dragged… Dicks sets its own legal age for purchasing a product…

I agree that google should be able to run its shop as it chooses… I agree that Facebook can ban users it doesn’t like but I also believe that the baker can turn away a customer and if the left want to say ‘separation of church and state’… and make it stick in court then it is up to the right to push that same ethos… except that the right doesn’t believe that it is an issue for the court.

As I said, this is quit a dilemma because if those who believe in the Constitution don’t push back against the left in the same way the left have pushed against the right… The left wins. If those who believe in the constitution but take the left to court on the same unconstitutional grounds that the left used… The left wins.


Really , does ANYTHING those wacky f***s in commie Cal surprise ANYONE anymore ? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


The parents must be BLITHERING IDIOT’S to allow this to happen. :poop:


You mean dad and dad ?? :wink::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Mom and mom???


Hopefully there is a Mom and Dad there somewhere!!! :sweat_smile:


In freaky California ??? :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


A mom and Dad would exist in flyover country where it takes a village is a joke.