California science fair project tying race, IQ sparks outcry


SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A Northern California school district is investigating how a science project correlating low intelligence with racial groups was on full display at a science fair, where it drew outrage from some students, parents and staff.

The project by a Sacramento high school student enrolled in an elite magnet program, titled “Race and IQ,” questioned whether certain races lack the intelligence for the program’s academically challenging coursework.

The Sacramento Bee, which published the story Saturday, did not speak to the student at C.K. McClatchy High School and is not identifying the minor. The project was on view with others Monday as part of an annual science fair but was removed Wednesday after complaints.

On Thursday, school Principal Peter Lambert sent an email to parents saying that the school is taking the incident seriously and implementing appropriate measures to provide an inclusive environment.

Some people outraged by the racially charged project say it points to the larger problem: the lack of racial and ethnic diversity in the school’s elite Humanities and International Studies program.

The program, which was designed to promote cultural awareness and sensitivity, enrolls about 500 students. They include a dozen African American students, 80 Latino students and about 100 Asian American students, according to data provided by the district.

“I think that a lot of people, especially of color, are really hurt and upset by this,” said Chrysanthe Vidal, an African-American senior who is in the program.

The student tested his race and intelligence hypothesis by having a handful of unidentified teens of various racial and ethnic backgrounds take an online intelligence test.

His report concluded that the lower average IQs “of blacks, Southeast Asians, and non-white Hispanics” means they were not as likely as “non-Hispanic whites and Northeast Asians” to get into the academically rigorous program. He said the test results justified the racial imbalance in the program.

Sacramento Unified school district spokesman Alex Barrios said the district was aware of the controversy and is looking into the matter.

“We are looking into the appropriate response to a situation like this,” said Barrios. “We understand it concerns a lot of people and doesn’t reflect our culture here.”

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Generation Z is doing a good job of exposing the shortcomings of mandatory diversity and inclusion. Of the study was correct, the lower performing groups should not be overrepresented at the university level.


All these kids were doing was presenting the truth but in the Land of the Free you’re a raysis if you don’t believe a mix of different colored brown people wuz kangs.

I have real hope for Gen Z.


Everyone is discussing their feelz, but I see nothing presented here to refute either the student’s methodology or conclusions.


They are not, and will keep crying injustice even tho there are generous affirmative actions in place. Funny how diversity is not enforced in sport such as the NBA and NFL, where we need to cater to a quota of shorter people. Short people are people too!


I’ve read elsewhere that the school is concerned about the “fringe” theory used as the basis for the study…fringe because Charles Darwin explicitly stated that the races differ in intelligence.


I present you, the Nobel Prize winner they dont teach about in schools.


So Some feelings were hurt !!!Boo Hoo Hoo . The student should be rewarded for his experiment Not Punished!!! I hope he attends an out-of- state university.
Some rediculousnes from the land of Goofy Vegetarians , Fruits and Nuts.


Those MCAT metrics really bother me. The lowest performing percentile of blacks get accepted at higher rates than the highest performing Asians and slightly below the highest performing Whites. The last thing anyone wants is a diversity hire doctor when they are gravely ill.


It is hilarious as it is depressing.


Russianbot another fine example of Unaffirmative Inactiom .


Yeah… when I read this I wonder how blacks would have liked it had the research that isolated Sickle Cell to blacks as being … racially motived and therefore discarded. I understand that telling someone constantly that they are somehow inferior can and does create a kind of demotivation that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy… but ignoring or denying facts don’t help anyone either.


Scott, I completely agree with you. Surprised???


Seems like the student proved the point. Those bitching don’t have the IQ needed.


Oh, boo hoo. Now why would it enrage teachers, students and parents? Isn’t school all about learning? If learning the truth- the unbiased, objective truth is “triggering” because it’s politically incorrect, then there is no need for false, institutionalized learning.


“But nothing we wrote could have made any difference. The lesson, subsequently administered to James Watson of DNA fame, is that if you say it is likely that there is any genetic component to the black-white difference in test scores, the roof crashes in on you.”


We are all equal so long as the white man remains silent and sits on his ass.


The very reason dems want more immigrants from places like Haiti were 90% can’t make it passed the 6th grade ! We have far too many dumbass minorities no need to import more from Turd-World Countries !!! :roll_eyes:


It’s government mandates and policies that allow the weaker , dumber , darker to water down our universities and work places ! :roll_eyes:


I don’t know if this was a good poll or not. Butbthey really didn’t need to do a new poll to get an answer…There have been studies done at universities and some by scientists here and in different countries on racial IQ. Any one with a computer can find out about it.