California teacher calls US military dumb shits in class


Hispanic teacher in Commiefornia caught on tape bashing the military:

“Think about the people you know who are over there,” Salcido is heard saying. “Your freakin’ stupid Uncle Louie or whatever. They’re dumb shits. They’re not high-level bankers. They’re not academic people. They’re not intellectual people."

“They’re the freakin’ lowest of our low.”


If Pelosi has enough seats left for the State of the Union he’ll probably get an invite.



Care to provide your rationale for posting that article?


It seemed to complement the op.


Is that a surprise as the office corp is largely made up from college graduates.

A four-year degree is required to become an officer. Therefore, the authors posit, as more people who may not have obtained four-year degrees in the past receive them, more people who would otherwise not be eligible for commissions become viable applicants. Because the decline concerns all college graduates, it has likely also impacted the other military services.


Diversion is everything and Monte a low achiever in the military takes every chance possible to bash the military.


This isn’t just a problem for our military.


Dissing the military was at least close.

Police, out there.


We have been saying for decades that public education has been dumbing down critical thinking skills in favor of social engineering …


It’s pretty clear to me how they did their calculations - limited only to Marine officers and the exam that only Marine officers take compared to the general population…and not factoring in other commissioning procedures in other services. The USMC is the smallest branch and Marine officers are the smallest number of the smallest branch. It does not factor in that the majority of Marine officers are prior-enlisted which meant that they had to serve full time and go to college to gain their commission. Not a fair comparison as most college students don’t work, get drunk, and screw their way through 4 years of college.


They were comparing marines to marines, not marines to the public.

After analyzing the data, the authors uncovered a startling trend: A statistically significant decline in scores over the past 34 years, the magnitude of which, the authors say, “is relevant given the distribution of the scores.”


If you look at almost any demographic except ‘perhaps’ for blacks, I’m thinking you will find that same trend… There has been IMHO a concerted effort to dumb down the curriculum if for no other reason than to ‘level the playing field’… and of course is the more cynical opinion that a dumb population is easier to control…


Also, to point out that the teacher had a point, though he would have been better served had he worded it differently instead of acting like Trump.


Oh… I think he said exactly what he meant… ‘Lowest of the low’ I think he said… that has less to do with relative smarts and a lot to do with where this dick thinks they fit into society…


He wants to see the lowest of the low…I’ve got a boot I could put his head under and a nice curb to rest it on.


I will put it this way… the ASVAB requirements were higher for those without a high school diploma than those with one.

In general the military has been lowering standards because they have to do it to allow idiots in.

Physical and mental standards are lower because liberals must be allowed in as well.

Still, I will take anyone who made it to E5 or was an officer past O1 any day of the week over someone educated by this system when all other things are equal.


Hey , it’s California does ANYTHING surprise you ? :roll_eyes:


Yes but that’s just too much like voting for the lesser of evils between two candidates. America used to be number one in almost everything, now, from healthcare, education, infant mortality, infrastructure, innovation, creditor nation status, freedom of the press and on and on were slipping farther and farther behind. A lot like when the Roman Empire was in decline and it’s citizens too arrogant to acknowledge it (which would be a prerequisite to arresting the fall, if at all possible) Americans still beat their chests with rah rah America, American exceptionalism blah blah blah. So bad most are that they’ll brand you as anti American just for pointing out the obvious. But I’m sure there was somebody pointing at Rome’s fall back then that were treated similarly.


And many of us want to fix that, I believe Trump wants to fix that. It was our stupid political critters that got us into these crap trade deals that helped put us behind.