California teacher calls US military dumb shits in class


I’m not sure I believe that, but even if I did, a president hasn’t the ability to fix all that single handed you and some things are just inevitable. This is why I’m so anti MIC, and basically what you have here is the Pentagon admitting that our military isn’t about defense, it’s about robbing resources around the world at gunpoint.

Pentagon study declares American empire is ‘collapsing’
Report demands massive expansion of military-industrial complex to maintain global ‘access to resources’

For example, the Pentagon just last year said that the US empire is collapsing and that unless their budget is vastly exopanded so that we can continue to exploit natural resources around the world, it’s inevitable.


There is a growing movement and I am part of it!


I saw the video and of course it’s California but he should be fired.I do and did have family that served and even if I didn’t I’m sick of these morons cutting down our Wondeful Men and Women who risk their lives for our freedoms and it’s sad to see his to is being protected but I draw the line when it comes to teachers in our schools who we pay their salaries what he is doing is NOT EDUCATION but INDOCTRINATION against our HEROES and OUR ONE NATION UNDER GOD NATION.


That right there is a steamy crock of excrement. Nothing against the men and women that join the military thinking that’s what they do but…

The solution proposed to protect U.S. power in this new “post-primacy” environment is, however, more of the same: more surveillance, more propaganda (“strategic manipulation of perceptions”) and more military expansionism.

So…nobodies fighting for your freedoms. Get that silly notion out of your head.


Six Years Ago, Chuck Hagel Told the Truth About Iraq

You might have seen that on Monday President Obama will likely nominate former Sen. Chuck Hagel, a Nebraska Republican, to be Secretary of Defense.

But what you probably haven’t seen — because everyone has forgotten — is that back in 2007, Chuck Hagel went totally crazy and told the truth about our invasion of Iraq. Here’s what he said:

People say we’re not fighting for oil. Of course we are. They talk about America’s national interest. What the hell do you think they’re talking about? We’re not there for figs.


Typical regressive America hatred…


Yes, he should be fired, and Cali keeps getting more hateful and un-American each week.


I understand what your saying but I feel in my heart they do and not just ours but others around the world. You may feel it’s a silly notion I have and I respect your opinion.Thank you for the reply much appreciated.


Well, I made it clear that it’s not the soldiers that I criticize. Otherwise, it’s not my opinion, but that of the Pentagon’s that unless we greatly expand an already bloated MIC so that we can continue our global resource exploitation, the US is likely to collapse.


I think one of the students with relatives in the military should file a suit against the district and the union, claiming the teacher is creating a hostile environment for relatives of military personnel.

So the Marine officers’ scores on a test regimen have declined overall. This could be in part the piss poor job teachers, then professors, are doing at teaching critical thinking. Perhaps the military needs to enroll all officers under say, 40 in a yearlong “Critical thinking and why your professors were self serving turdloafs” class series.

Universities have lowered the bar to ensure happy time for woefully unprepared students. For a decade Cal State University gave all incoming Freshmen basic skills tests in Math, and English. Over half failed, and had to take remedial English or Math their Freshman year for no credit. If they passed that, they could take the test again- failure a second time meant goodbye.

Like liberals do, when faced with actual work - they eventually threw in the towel.

I recall, quite vividly an overfed English professor from Cal State San Bernadino casually telling a group of high school ‘Language Arts’ teachers - “We no longer count grammar and usage.”

The decline is no surprise.


That’s really a horribly broad brushed and offensive comment about hard working Americans that are of a different politacal position.


It was humor, lighten up. :wink:


I actually have to commend you for this post and the one above it. Had you actually articulated your position instead of repeatedly saying MIC, USFP and Partisan over and over again, we might have actually had a good discussion… but you just had to blame your own like of engagement one the people around you…


Offensive to you but accurate. The Education mill is in the business of churning out degrees.


I’ll remember that next time.


Why doesn’t this Douche Bag visit the Service Academies and see the quality of education they have.These cadets go through a rigorous process before receiving an appointment.
As a retired vet with a combat Mos, the best Company COs and Platoon Leaders I’ve had came out of West Point or the. Citadel.
This Anal Orifice has a Complete Direspectful attitude towards the Military. He could care less about having to move about every 3 yrs and its affect on military families or having to be in Korea without their families.
He needs to be hit with a baseball bat to"Readjust " his attitude.


No, that would be American leadership forever that abuse our military by engaging them in wars of aggression, wars of exploitation and gratuitous wars. Not a lot to be proud of.


You fail or won’t want to admit this Village Idiot is Attacking the intelligence and character of the military.
These Academies aren’t Community Colleges. The Cadets and Midshipmen have a rigorous academic schedule and high standards. They have produced plenty of government leaders and Presidents.
This Anal Orifice and Poor Excuse of a teacher wouldn’t last 30days in the Academies or Basic Training.
Why would you defend this Boob except to Incite people.


There’s variously reasons why people join the military.Some need the structure and discipline the military provides.
I served 21 yrs in the Army as a Cavalry Scout and this Douche Bag couldn’t carry my rucksack.I’m Personally Insulted by this Anal Orifice with his Ignorant and Baseless statements and anyone that would support him .


You really are more tax repetitive.

Favorite word’s:

Favorite positions
Hate trump.
Hate the military
Hate the possibly of exceptionalism
Hate the US as a country
Hates borders.
Hates the right.