California teacher calls US military dumb shits in class


Perhaps, but that’s just words. When our leadership use our military to exploit global resources, conduct regime change, and occupy other countries or engage gratuitous wars to feed the MIC, that’s far more injurious to the military and American credibility than a teacher expressing their views however much you disagree with them. Straining at the gnat and swallowing the camel.


Yes I know, I too was in the military and have no criticisms for the soldier. It’s the civilian leadership.


And yet you flagwave for the very globalism that these policies were designed to create…


Free speech Freedom. Do you value free speech, or only speech you agree with? Every American has the right to express themselves. It seems to me that the most vial crap can come out of the fat ass TIC’s mouth and all you guys do is laugh and cheer him on. But let somebody point out the TRUTH that our military is being abused and used for everything but legitimate defense, or let someone point out the TRUTH that the standards have been lowered which is compromising the quality of recruits and you’re offended, shrug.


Yes… and @freedom also has every right to feel insulted… Your Point? Well… yes the military standards have been lowers as have that of firefighters… that has much more to do with the culture we have surrounded ourselves with than military doctrine. I read the other day that boot camp will no longer have the hand grenade requirement because finding people who can actually throw the thing the required 25 yards is getting too difficult… I’m sure we can increase the amount of testosterone in some of the transsexuals and put them on grenade duty…


So that’s the problem in Washington, snicker.


You have something in common with the TIC.


Careful, someone will scold you…maybe.


Wars are far more serious than those with what are among the easiest degrees to obtain (teaching- especially History, Social Studies, Home Ec. etc.) calling military personnel dumb shits is on it’s face offensive, and comically snobbish.

Your comparison with war is gratuitous, as no one would see the opinion of an overpaid babysitter (what many teachers have become) as a serious threat. It is irritating that a. the teacher thinks he/she/it is important enough to vocalize such an opinion of others who are at this very moment defending his/her/its right to say such things, b. denigrating our troops is OK with the local district, but if the utterance touched on gender/race/religion/sexual deviance - that teachers would have been canned at the end of the day.


Monte, I believe every U.S. citizen has the same Constitutional Rights whether I agree or disagree with them.
The Leftist Socialists have the Freedom of Speech to prove their Was I-Communist views ,just like those Far Right Wing Nuts.
As you know as a former vet you take an oath6 to Defend the Constitution from All Enemies Foreign and Domestic without having most of those rights. I will defend anyone’s rights regardless of where they fall in the political spectrum.
In this country, the military serves under Civilian Leadership from whom they take their orders.
If that Poor Excuse for a teacher said that in front of me ,I’d probably be arrested.
Monte, why don’t you comment on the rigors of the Service Academies including the Coast Guard.


Sure it is. I said early on in this thread that the teacher could have actually made his valid point much more eloquently. Btw, since when does it bother Trump supporters to be rude and crass, obnoxious and name calling???


I was in the regular army and can’t comment on either the academies or the Coast Guard. I do know that the military generally has loosened standards and requirements because the quality of enlistments is going down. This isn’t just a problem for the military either.


See, I’m sorry but I’m just going to call bullshit on that. In my lifetime, there isn’t a single soldier that has fought anywhere in this world and been injured or killed doing so to defend my right to free speech. Mine, your right to free speech is far more threatened by domestic enemies than the likes of the Vietnamese, the Iraqis, the Libyans, the Yemenis, the Syrians or any other folks our military has been ordered to skirmish with.


Thank You Scott!!! We should have Monte put into a “ReEducation Camp” Only a joke Monte No Offense.


I don’t know about religion, but gender, race and sexual orientation, of course. Interesting that you can’t see the difference between those three things and a soldier??? I’ll help you out though, only one of those four is a choice.


Made up gender is a choice, made by someone a bit screwed up to begin with. As to your view of soldiers as mercenaries, you seem to be projecting what you would be in uniform on soldiers. Are there some who are what you describe? no doubt, yet most join out of patriotism, and some who few other options to get ahead - something one could consider less of a choice than cross dressing.


I’m sorry, but nothing is made up. And perhaps you should consider yourself fortunate to not be one that has that to deal with in life.


Not really made up but a mental illness.


You can sing along with CNN; I’ll defer to an expert:


Hum… now that sounds like an abnormal condition to me… one would use the same exact wording to discribe someone with… schizophrenia.

Everyone has desires in life. I had a cousin who wanted for the life of him to be a singer… but alas HE was born with a cats vocal cords… He may have wanted to be something other than what he was, be he became a very good member of the bio research community instead. Their appears to be no genetic test yet for being gay much less for the desire to play dress-up. I have no problem ( I guess ) with boys that want to play girl but lets be straight about it… they are acting the part because a simple medical test says otherwise.