California uneven 3 way split


Instead of dividing California up into three to help subsidize the high cost of living, drugs, high crime and the homeless maybe we should consider selling California to Mexico to help pay for the wall🤔


A ploy to gain seats and control the election process .


Yeah, that’s a typical criminal thugs way, steal California from Mexico and then sell it back to them. :roll_eyes:


With 3 states there’s a chance there could be 1sane state. This could wake people up to the high cost of these illegals they would pay for.Each state ( taxpayers) would pay for the illegals in their state .
The FOLLYWOOD Elites would have their own state and embrace the homeless and illegals with open arms. Imagine low income housing and homes for for illegals and homeless people aside of the gated communities. :woman_zombie:


Maybe Trump can negotiate with Rocket Man to dispose of all of his nukes in California. Problem solved.


And Mexico stole the US from Spain.


LOL who stole it from the indians…


The wealthy liberals in California don’t want to be associated with poor Californians. If you are familiar with the state.the newly proposed “Southern California” is made up of mainly poor areas.



Well the Indians certainly were not the first as they came across the Aleutian land bridge.


It’s what the United States is responsible for. As an American, that’s what concerns me. And as you know, the United States incited a war with Mexico for the express purpose of stealing California, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada from them. This was widely acknowledged at the time and the Whigs opposed president Polk on this and accused him of executing an illegal land grab, which of course it was.

And Spain was occupying the region against the native peoples will. Mexican independence from Spain was a righteous development.


What does that have to do with COMMIEFORNIA possibly becoming 3states. The hypocritical Liberals don’t want the PEASANTS living near them.Too Bad!!! I hope this happen and the Liberal California becomes like the MANURE HOLE parts of SF.:japanese_goblin:


It’s relevant to the op.


So… if Spain had occupied lands all the way to Canada to the north and all the way to Peru in the South but never really developed and peoples of the lands centered around Mexico City kicked the viceroy out of town… and they declared independence… did they do that in the name of the Peruvians?.. the indigenous populations of Canada? Did that entire land area become Mexico… I think not. You own what you control… and the US is reasserting its ownership of the southwest.

Their is a special town that resided on the US/Mexican border in the Sonoran Dessert called Nogalas. For years it was for all intents and purposes a singular town. It shared the same ethnic families, same geography, climate, religious affiliations etc but the difference was that the people on the US side earned considerably more and had better living accommodations than those that resided in Mexico proper. They also had differences in health outcomes as access was different by income. These differences were made more acute when a barrier was put up dividing the town… The US part became more prosperous and the Mexican part became poorer… The difference is law… Mexico desperately wants the wealth of the US but does not want to act like the US… Carlos Slim attempted to come to the US and run his business that way he has been allowed to in Mexico for decades… He got his ass handed to him and went back to Mexico… I do not want the southwest of THE UNITED STATES to become like Mexico.

Oh… as for wait was said about the Mexican American War… well… some people will always take the opposite side in anything one does…


The United States incited a war with Mexico (not Spain) for the express purpose of stealing half of their land. You can support the effort, but you cannot deny it.


Mexico didn’t really care about California. John Fremont and Kit Carson were able to take the entirety of the state simply by walking into the towns that were primarily settled by Americans. The Mexican government had little to no presence anywhere. Fremont and Carson lowered the Mexican flag and raised the American flag with very low rates of fighting…and sometimes without even firing a shot. The Mexicans just wanted to tax the American settlers. They didn’t defend them or their territory from American “invasion” and the “invaders” weren’t treated as “invaders” but fellow countrymen. This is where the California Republic flag we see today came from.

Learn your history.


ROTFLMAO, so you say.

The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall. Che Guevara

Whether rebellion is justified depends on who you are and whom you ask.


Mexico had only just received their independence from Spain in 1821. But they certainly did fight to protect themselves. The US did take advantage of a widely held view of manifest destiny and Mexico’s infancy to advance its agenda.



On January 12, 1848 Abraham Lincoln, a Whig congressman from Illinois, gave a speech questioning the Mexican-American war that he believed was “unnecessarily and unconstitutionally commenced.” A month earlier Lincoln, as a freshman member of the House of Representatives, introduced the “Spot Resolutions” that asked President Polk to submit evidence that the initial cause and the first battle of the war was indeed fought on American territory.

And of course, the original battle wasn’t fought on American territory but rather on disputed territory.



Then you consider the Texas revolution and independence to be illegitimate as well? … While amicable, do you consider the Federal Republic of Central America any less independent that Texas? Regardless of what SantaAnna’s crew might have thought, Texas has established itself as an independent nation.


They’re not going to buy it and don’t need to if you consider what has been transpiring there.