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Hey everyone! My name is Brian. I’m new here in a sense. I was very active on Political Debate Forums a few years ago but left when the site seemed to get remade every few weeks. I was recently very active on Political Forum - but the same people keep pushing the same dialogue over there and it’s getting a bit old. Plus, I was getting tired of arguing with the Political Forum royalty over what was “offensive” and what was not. I went to head back to Political Debate Forums and was redirected here. I’m glad Political Debate Forums made a nice transition. This new layout takes some getting used to but it’s way better than the traditional forum look and feel, which when compared to this feels so dated. Nice work to whoever moved this over. Is the old PDF site completely dead?


@CampingGuy thanks for joining us! PDF is officially offline. I shut PDF down in April. I had purchased PDF last fall from Cosmic, the second owner. I tried to reinvigorate the site but it had remained dormant for too long to attract new users. It was also prohibitively expensive to run and upkeep. So, I built politiforum and redirected all PDF traffic here. I prefer this format as it is mobile friendly and is quite minimalist from a usage standpoint and for administration/maintenance purposes. I had migrated PDF to this platform initially. All of the posts made it but none of the user accounts were able to migrate, so I decided to start with a clean slate. We have been getting a slow trickle of former PDF folks joining as I sent a mass email to all users announcing the changes.

I too was a long time user of Political Forum and I don’t administer this site like those guys do. So, don’t be afraid to speak your mind. True political debate and discussion can only occur if people believe they are free to express themselves without reprisal. We have a good group here with lots of differing opinions, so please freely share your knowledge and perspective with all of us.

Thanks for coming back and welcome!


So I am getting in on the ground floor! My inner nerd is thrilled. I’ve been a forum junkie since the late 90s so this is actually pretty exciting for me. It’s the little things in life, right?!?

When did this site go live? Is there an area where I can test out some of these features? Do you have any tutorials? How about a rules section?


Yes, you are indeed on the ground floor. I built and opened politiforum the first week of April 2016. So, this community is just shy of being 4 months old.

We do have a rules section. You can access it here: Forum Rules or just by searching “rules” using the magnifying glass icon above. We have a very powerful search feature built in, so if it was posted here in the past - you will find it.

I’ve also put together a number of tutorial posts in the Help and Resources section that will provide some explanations and instructions regarding the user functionalities and tools that are available. You can reach that section here: or by clicking the hamburger menu icon to the left of your profile photo.

If you want to test some of the features you can do it in this thread. That’s perfectly reasonable. Others are welcome to do so as well.

For example, I have yet to see anyone use the polling feature, but there is one built in. For example:

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Thanks this is really helpful. One more quick question. On the initial landing page, how are posts organized? I see that there are categories for each and it looks like I can dive into a particularly category from the main menu which limits the posts to that category. Is the main page a synopsis of activity?


Yes, the main landing page at is all recent post activities across all topic and sub-topic areas. Initially we had the category page which can still be seen here: as the main page - but activity and web traffic has increased drastically since shifting to the main page you see now. You can also filter by top posts: new posts: and so on from the menu above.


Hey @CampingGuy thanks for joining us.