Can Multiculturalism Work? Part I: Nationalism and Its Critics


Couldn’t have possibly put it better. Our governments, and the major business interests, are promoting this invasion.


This is alt-right propaganda that has been debunked COUNTLESS TIMES

Just watch this debate where Ezra Klein DESTROYS Sam Harris (a known neo-nazi dog whistler for the alt right)


Can multiculturalism work? No.

Whites CANNOT survive the Sun outside, they have to hide in caves and steal other people’s resources to protect their fragile skin and egos. Whiteoids are by definition leeches on Earth and we must be rid of them.


All politics may be identity politics, but not all identity is rooted in race and tribe. So maybe what we really need to do is understand how our identity is being shaped and manipulated, the better to understand ourselves and the better to withstand the urge to indulge our nature.

I believe it was the philosopher J.T. Kirk who noted:
“We’re human beings with the blood of a million savage years on our hands! But we can stop it. We can admit that we’re killers . . . but we’re not going to kill today. That’s all it takes! Knowing that we’re not going to kill — today!”


Everyone has melanin, retard.


That’s pretty funny, given that everyone else seems to want to beat a path into White countries, and given the degree to which Blacks leech off welfare and commit crimes. :wink:


Okay, this is interesting. With regard to understanding ourselves, what do you have in mind, particularly? Also, indulge our nature, same question. I’d love to hear more of your thoughts here.


Take it away, Donald:


The welfare received from white “”“people”"" is ultimately the result of them oppressing minorities to get rich and donate some of their stolen wealth back to those they oppress.


You should learn about your “”“people”""

Genes of 4 Kingdoms: Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

This is hilarious. By all means, go on. Will there be a unicorn in this fantasy at some point?


Multiculturalism can work, but not the way it is practiced. Multiculturalism should mean ‘hey we all have something to contribute that is positive and enriches humanity.’ What it has become is ‘everyone’s cultures are great except for White people; they are evil’. This is the hateful filth promulgated by Taharqa; this is why multiculturalism is never likely to work.

In our multiculturalism:

  1. Groups who accomplish great things are evil because along the way bad things were done. Did you own slaves? No, but you are responsible for slavery… Were you a slave? No but I deserve reparations because I feel sorry for myself.
  2. Groups who lack the ambition and wits to accomplish, instead rely on ‘guilting’ those who do possess those qualities. If guilting is unsuccessful, the groups chose criminality-telling themselves it’s ‘reparations’.
  3. Those members of the ‘oppressed’ group who rise above lazy self pity, are tarred and feathered with cheery names like ‘oreo’, ‘coconut’, or ‘vendido.’ This is very similar to how Muslims treat apostates.
  4. When a group figures it out, they assimilate, and enjoy prosperity. Hispanics have largely done so, and many more Blacks are doing so. Militant crythugs are becoming fewer, and more violent in their beliefs and actions. This is most likely because they cannot process that they are losers, and the rest of society has left them sitting in their own angry wet diapers.


I appreciate this perspective. Would you agree with me that the best way to make some version of this happen is to have a hegemonic identity and power structure, much like the Achaemenid, Roman, and Ottoman empires? In other words, warmly accepting and embracing diversity with the understanding that it all exists in relation to a dominant culture–Anglo-American culture in the U.S., for example?


I’m 1/56th Native American and hate the 55/56ths of me that are white.


You have actually stated some very relevant home truths and yet somehow you dismiss human nature… We are who we are… we all have our likes and dislikes and some more than others like to play ‘King of the hill’… some liberal shaman cannot and will not make our nature go away and attempting to throw the diversity of human existence into a singular hegemonic society (controlled by your cohorts) will end no better than attempting to put two cats in a bag and expect them to live in harmony… It just ain’t gonna happen. Case in point is the leftist go to ‘enforcers’ ANTIFA… beating defenseless people and claiming some kind of moral high ground :roll_eyes:


Speaking of people who cannot seem to live without taking the hard earned wealth away from someone else using the barrel of a government gun…


In a word…votes.


I very much agree. Next question: why do bleeding-hearts have constituencies who aren’t Section 8 welfare queens? Why does your standard soy- and hemp-milk-latte-swilling, Birkenstock-wearing shit-lib hipster in Portland care, or pretend to care, about #BlackLivesMatter and #BlackWelfareChecksMatter?

I mean, take a look at this cuck below, and really look at him:

What’s he getting out of it? I know my answer, but I’d like to hear yours.


If you are using this guys rant as your basis for knowledge… you need to find another basis.
I have never heard one person put together so much contradiction and actually try to pawn it off as fact. Besides that… he can’t read. Now I’m not saying that he doesn’t know all of the words he is trying to read but the way he struggles with some words makes me wonder if in his research he doesn’t draw wrong inferences because of his ability to read.

Here appears to be torn between his Christian faith and his secular reasoning. He reads those parts of the Bible that he finds relevant but then points to parts as being wrong because ‘white people lie’.
He also wants to paint anyone darker than lily white as being black… as a matter of fact he calls the Hebrews black but it is pretty clear that area was not inhabited by black Africans.

He seems to be conflicted and generally confused about what it means to be RH positive and RH negative. Of course he holds blacks as a race of being almost exclusively RH positive … meaning they must have evolved from the Rhesus monkey and then will start quoting scripture and creationism. Later he talks about the white race first being exiled to the Caucus Mountains and then later were actually created out of a 600 year selective breeding program which he describes as being the crossing of alien genes with a Rhesus monkey… but I thought the devil whites were RH negative and not of the evolution from the Rhesus monkey… He can’t make up his mind.

Oh yes… a bit of humor. It is quite easy to find the documents that someone is reading off the internet and of course I had to look at some of these things because it is more often than not the things that aren’t said that are as important as the things that are. At one point he talks about a list of traits (as he reads from this list:
He reads attributes like

• More sensitive vision and other senses.
• Lower body temperature
• Higher blood pressure
• Increased occurrence of psychic/intuitive abilities
• Predominantly blue, green, or hazel eyes
• Red or reddish hair
• Increased sensitivity to heat and sunlight
• Extra vertebra

Everything that denotes or could be explained as something negative but he didn’t bother with the very first thing on the list… I’ll let you look for yourself.

I stopped for this comment at around 1:24… I am going to finish it later because I am sure there will be more ‘interesting’ points in the rest of it. I actually think that this video would be a good thread all on its own… but I don’t think you will be able to answer the critics of some of his comments…


I’m sincerely impressed that you had the time and patience for that video. Kudos on a thoughtful takedown of our interesting friend here. :wink: